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Re: [wpmac] Running WordPerfect on Mac

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  • Christopher George
    A very big thank you to you, Mr Singer. Best wishes Chris George ... Dr CJD George Director 020 8874 2013 (Answer phone/office) 07804 801149 Mob (only for
    Message 1 of 47 , Oct 4 12:34 AM
      A very big 'thank you' to you, Mr Singer.
      Best wishes

      Chris George
      On 3 Oct 2009, at 19:29, Randy B. Singer wrote:

      > On Oct 3, 2009, at 1:25 AM, Christopher George wrote:
      > > I have even considered (dreaded thought) somehow converting them all
      > > to Word but cannot find a programme that will actually do this
      > > securely without loss of some or all formatting
      > That is a common problem. Which things have you tried? There are a
      > large number of choices for this.
      > 1-Purchase MacLinkPlus from DataViz
      > http://www.dataviz.com/products/maclinkplus/index.html
      > and use it to convert your .wpd files to .doc files for use in
      > Microsoft Word. This, at first, might seem like the ideal solution,
      > but in practice, if your documents have complex formatting, the
      > MacLinkPlus translators can be disappointing.
      > 2/3-Download AbiWord (free)
      > http://www.abisource.com/
      > or
      > NeoOffice (free)
      > http://www.neooffice.org/neojava/en/index.php
      > and use one of them to open your documents and save them as .doc
      > files for use in Word (or continue using AbiWord or NeoOffice as your
      > main word processing application). Both of these programs use the
      > same exact translators, so it doesn't matter which you use.
      > 4-Download the last version of WordPerfect for Macintosh and run it
      > in the Classic environment (which won't work on an Intel-based Mac
      > since Classic won't run on an Intel-based Mac) or run it using
      > Sheepshaver for Intel-based Macs; it will read your .wpd files and
      > you can save them in .doc format.
      > ftp://ftp.r8ix.com/WP-L_Stuff/WordPerfectKit.sit
      > If your Mac is Intel-based, go to:
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/wordperfectmac/
      > and join, then go to the Links section and look for the
      > SheepShaver & Basilisk folder, and download SheepShaver-
      > WordPerfect Install (2). This is a free installer for SheepShaver and
      > WordPerfect/Mac; instructions are included.
      > http://macwp.com/files/SS-WP%201.1.zip
      > The free MetaMacro utility, also in the Files section at
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/wordperfectmac/
      > can convert any
      > number of WP documents to RTF at one time.
      > 5-On your old Windows computer, download the free trial version of
      > WordPerfect v.12 for Windows and use the built-in translators, which
      > I understand work really well.
      > http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Corel3/Trials/
      > Login&pid=1047022958453&cid=1047022992398
      > or
      > http://tinyurl.com/6zgal
      > 6-CrossWords, a commercial WordPerfect to Word conversion utility,
      > can convert your WP files to Word on your PC before transferring your
      > files to your Macintosh. CrossWords has the huge advantage of
      > allowing you to convert all of your WP documents in one big batch.
      > http://www.levitjames.com/crosswords/CrossWords.html
      > 7-Use one of the utilities that allow you to run Windows, or Windows
      > software, on your Mac (BootCamp, Parallels, Fusion, Crossover, etc.)
      > to open your WP files in WP/Win or some other Windows conversion
      > utility.
      > 8-Nisus Writer Express/Pro can also open Word Perfect files.
      > http://www.nisus.com/
      > It uses the same translator used
      > by NeoOffice and AbiWord which is this one:
      > http://libwpd.sourceforge.net/index.html
      > 9-wpd2sxwbatch.pl is a perl script for doing bulk WordPerfect to
      > OpenOffice.org conversions using wpd2sxwbatch.pl. It can be found
      > here:
      > http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/opsys/linux/gentoo/distfiles/wpd2sxwbatch.pl
      > Perl (.pl) scripts are run as-is (interpreted), not compiled from the
      > OS X command line. Just do
      > ./nameofscript.pl
      > You can also use the command-line interface of AbiWord for this in a
      > terminal: abiword --help will give you all the info, (may have to do
      > AbiWord.app --help instead)
      > basic format:
      > abiword inputfile.wpd --to=rtf
      > will convert inputfile.wpd to inputfile.rtf
      > Type "cd /path/to/script" no quotes and hit enter
      > Type "./nameofscript.pl" and optionally any arguments/parameters it
      > needs, and hit enter.
      > I have no experience with that particular script, this is just general
      > basic osx/unix/linux terminal/command line stuff. There are numerous
      > tutorials online designed to get folks comfortable with the command
      > line, and many of those for Linux will also apply to Mac OS X, due to
      > the similarities in the shell (command line) interface.
      > 10-Zamzar is a free online translator:
      > http://www.zamzar.com/
      > Another similar service:
      > http://www.media-convert.com/
      > ___________________________________________
      > Randy B. Singer
      > Co-author of The Macintosh Bible (4th, 5th, and 6th editions)
      > Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance
      > http://www.macattorney.com/ts.html
      > ___________________________________________

      Dr CJD George
      020 8874 2013 (Answer 'phone/office)
      07804 801149 Mob (only for current contracts please)

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    • Dr. Harry Corsover
      ... Yes. I mis- spoke above. The postscript file is created fine (using Print to File), but I ve tried this multiple times, and I ve never before been able to
      Message 47 of 47 , Oct 4 5:33 PM
        On Oct 4, 2009, at 1:56 PM, Bob Stern wrote:

        >> Dr. Harry Corsover wrote:
        >> I haven't even been able to get Print to PostScript (from which I
        >> could create a PDF) to work in Classic.
        > Have you tried installing the AdobePS Postscript printer driver in
        > Classic? It prints to a .ps postscript file. (Distiller in Classic,
        > or Preview in OS X, can convert a .ps file to PDF.)

        Yes. I mis-"spoke" above. The postscript file is created fine (using
        Print to File), but I've tried this multiple times, and I've never
        before been able to create as PDF from that file (Distiller 5.x just
        doesn't work as it used to, and when I double clicked on the .ps file
        in the Finder, I got something showing the progress as supposedly
        created a PDF file, but then I could not find any such file. I also
        just noticed that I no longer have an Adobe Acrobat folder in my
        Applications (OS 9) folder, but only one in OS X Applications. I
        don't know if that makes a difference here.

        Today I stumbled on a solution, although I still have no idea why it

        If I first quit ("stop") Classic and then double click on a
        postscript file, it opens Preview and converts to PDF without a
        problem. If Classic is still running, this doesn't work.

        In any case, thanks for your comments and suggestions. I can now
        create PDFs from those old RSG files, and even from some old things I
        scanned in using PaperPort in OS 9 or earlier.

        Strange ...


        Harry Corsover

        Harry D. Corsover, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
        Linda G. Azzi, R.N., B.S. <www.corsazzi.com>
        Corsover & Azzi, Consultants in Personal Growth and Effectiveness
        3545 Golden Spur Loop, Castle Rock CO 80108
        Phone: (303) 674-8448
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