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Re: [wpmac] Running WordPerfect on Mac

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  • Steve Kane
    ... This site may be worth a look as well:
    Message 1 of 47 , Oct 2, 2009
      On Oct 2, 2009, at 9:31 PM, Bob Stern wrote:

      > Also, you might want to pose the same question on "MacLaw", a Yahoo
      > discussion group for lawyers who use Macs. I urge you to join MacLaw
      > anyway to elicit advice on other aspects of transitioning from
      > Windows to Mac.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MacLaw/

      This site may be worth a look as well:

    • Dr. Harry Corsover
      ... Yes. I mis- spoke above. The postscript file is created fine (using Print to File), but I ve tried this multiple times, and I ve never before been able to
      Message 47 of 47 , Oct 4, 2009
        On Oct 4, 2009, at 1:56 PM, Bob Stern wrote:

        >> Dr. Harry Corsover wrote:
        >> I haven't even been able to get Print to PostScript (from which I
        >> could create a PDF) to work in Classic.
        > Have you tried installing the AdobePS Postscript printer driver in
        > Classic? It prints to a .ps postscript file. (Distiller in Classic,
        > or Preview in OS X, can convert a .ps file to PDF.)

        Yes. I mis-"spoke" above. The postscript file is created fine (using
        Print to File), but I've tried this multiple times, and I've never
        before been able to create as PDF from that file (Distiller 5.x just
        doesn't work as it used to, and when I double clicked on the .ps file
        in the Finder, I got something showing the progress as supposedly
        created a PDF file, but then I could not find any such file. I also
        just noticed that I no longer have an Adobe Acrobat folder in my
        Applications (OS 9) folder, but only one in OS X Applications. I
        don't know if that makes a difference here.

        Today I stumbled on a solution, although I still have no idea why it

        If I first quit ("stop") Classic and then double click on a
        postscript file, it opens Preview and converts to PDF without a
        problem. If Classic is still running, this doesn't work.

        In any case, thanks for your comments and suggestions. I can now
        create PDFs from those old RSG files, and even from some old things I
        scanned in using PaperPort in OS 9 or earlier.

        Strange ...


        Harry Corsover

        Harry D. Corsover, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
        Linda G. Azzi, R.N., B.S. <www.corsazzi.com>
        Corsover & Azzi, Consultants in Personal Growth and Effectiveness
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