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[wpmac] Re: How to upgrade the System

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  • Keith Addison
    Hello Mark Thanks, good news. Good enough for me, I ll go for it (though 8.6 isn t too bad). All best Keith
    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 18, 2009
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      Hello Mark

      Thanks, good news. Good enough for me, I'll go for it (though 8.6
      isn't too bad).

      All best


      >--- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Keith Addison <gha@...> wrote:
      >> Has anyone managed to upgrade to 9.0.4?
      >> All best
      >> Keith
      >I have a 1.25GB disk image with 9.0.4 installed, running under
      >Sheepshaver on a MacBook
      >Pro 17" C2D 2.33. I can't fully recall how I set this up, but I think I:
      >1. installed John's then current version of SS WP, got it running
      >and then quit out of SS;
      >2. used OSX Disk Utility to create a new 1.25GB blank disk image;
      >3. changed the disk used by SS to the new blank image, started up
      >SS, inserted the 9.0.4
      >retail install disk in the MBP's DVD drive, ran the 9.0.4 install
      >program and then shutdown
      >SS again;
      >4. added John's SS WP disk image as a second disk for use by SS,
      >started it up, installed WP
      >3.5.4 from my original install disks (and a few other old 680x0/PPC
      >programs I use
      >occasionally), upgraded to WP 3.5e and then copied various of John's
      >files over to my new
      >Voila -- it worked, and continues to do so today, a few SS upgrades
      >later. (MS apps are
      >very flaky, however, but weren't they always?)
      >I'm sure others on this site can tell you of easier ways to upgrade
      >if you really want to do
      >so. You could try to do it the way I've mentioned above, but I may
      >have misremembered
      >some of this -- its a couple of years since I set it up.
      >Mark McKeon
      >Brisbane, Australia
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