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Updated new, smaller method of running WPMac on Intel

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  • Edward Mendelson
    I ve posted an updated version of my no-frills method of running WPMac on Intel (and all Leopard-based) Macs. It still uses Basilisk II as the software that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2008
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      I've posted an updated version of my no-frills method
      of running WPMac on Intel (and all Leopard-based)
      Macs. It still uses Basilisk II as the software that
      creates a "virtual" Mac and it still doesn't have the
      bells, whistles, features, conveniences, and sleek
      up-to-date look of John's SheepShaver-based system.

      Once again, John's version is designed for getting real
      work done in WPMac. Mine is designed for opening and
      saving and printing - or for creating PDF files from -
      old WPMac documents.

      If the original version does everything you want, you
      probably don't need to install the new one. If you like
      getting the latest and greatest, download the new
      version and run the "Remove WPMac Appliance" script
      that is now included; this script is designed to remove
      every trace of either the original or the new version, and
      it may be worth running it to remove the old version
      before installing the new one. (But make sure to save
      any files that you want to keep!)

      The new version may be downloaded from the same place
      (and with the same filename) as the original version. Go to:


      Find the filename "WPApplianceFiles.zip". Look all the way
      to the right of the line that has that name on it. You
      will see a small down-pointing arrow in a gray disk.
      Click on that down-pointing arrow (again, it's at the far
      right of the actual filename) in order to download the
      file. Under Leopard, the download will produce a
      WPApplianceFiles folder in your Downloads folder.
      Double-click on "Install WPMac Appliance" in the
      WPApplianceFiles folder to set up the system.

      When you install for the first time, you only need to
      click OK twice to complete the installation. If you want
      to print or create PDFs from the versions of WPMac on
      this system, follow the instructions in the Read Me
      First file.

      Differences between this version and the previous one
      (which is still available on the same page, with a name
      that has "OldVersion" in it) are as follows:

      The new one has many minor refinements: Adobe
      Type Manager, more fonts, Acrobat Reader (for old
      PDF files), etc. I have changed the name of the folder
      in your OS X system that is used for print files; it's
      now "Folder for Printfiles"; it used to be "WP PrintFiles"
      and you can delete that folder if you want. The
      reason for this change is that it's easier to navigate
      to a folder with a name near the beginning of the

      The new version also lets you create large-size (A3,
      etc.) PDF files or print jobs. To do this, open WPMac;
      select File/Print, and change the printer in the drop-
      down menu so that it reads "Large Format Printer."
      Click Cancel, then set up the page format in WPMac
      to whatever size you want. The resulting PDF or
      print job will have the large size you choose.

      There are a number of other minor refinements, and
      the installation script is very much improved. The
      Read Me First file is worth looking at for further

      I hope all this is of some use to someone.
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