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Re: [wpmac] and edit a WP-PC file on my Mac (using sheepshaver and WP from

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  • Smokey Ardisson
    ... Hopefully this just means it s the bug in WP-Mac where it will crash when trying to open a file that doesn t have the proper type/creator set. If so....
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2008
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      On Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:48 am ((PDT)), "mlhogue" <mlhogue@...> wrote:

      >WP file he had created on his PC. I saved in inside the Sheepshaver
      >"computer" and set it to WP.
      >When I try to open it something flashes up for a second and then
      >disappears - does that mean it crashed? When I try to open in with
      >File>open in WP I can see the document in the preview window, but when
      >I tell it to open the same thing happens.

      Hopefully this just means it's the bug in WP-Mac where it will crash
      when trying to open a file that doesn't have the proper type/creator
      set. If so....

      >In really simple terms, please...

      1) Download "Batch_Set_WP_PC_Type-Creator.sit" from this group's
      files section,

      2) Bleh, that's compressed with StuffIt, which has died a slow death
      on Mac OS X. John R. perhaps has StuffIt included on the SheepShaver
      image; if so, you could use the StuffIt in SheepShaver to decompress
      the file you downloaded.

      If not, you'll have to download the latest StuffIt Expander (not
      Standard or Deluxe, which are pay programs) for Mac OS X from
      <http://my.smithmicro.com/mac/stuffitexpander/download.html> and
      install StuffIt (I think it still uses an installer) in Mac OS X.
      Then expand the .sit file you downloaded.

      3) Move both Batch Set... and your WP document out of SheepShaver,
      as the Batch Set... app requires Mac OS X to run.

      4) Drop your WP file on Batch Set...; it will do its thing and set
      the type and creator.

      5) Move your WP file back over to SheepShaver, and try to open it in
      WP-Mac. Hopefully it will succeed now.

      If that doesn't fix things, I'm not sure what to suggest.

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