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Re: copying and pasting plain text

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  • John Rethorst
    ... It s here now. See George Maschke s macros.sit in Files. John R.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2008
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D." <TJRostaf@...>

      > The macro was written by George Maschke and dated 1995. I do not recall
      > how I got it, probably from the Corel website years ago; it does not
      > appear to have been in the WP Mac News. George has this language at the
      > bottom of the Read Me: "The Copy Text Only macro is free, and may be
      > freely distributed, but not sold." John, can we put it up on Yahoo? Tom

      It's here now. See "George Maschke's macros.sit" in Files.

      John R.
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