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Re: [wpmac] Sheepshaver on older Powermacs?

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  • RBRoufberg@aol.com
    I am puzzled by parts of Geoff Hone s message dated 11/7/07 11:19:51 AM, ... Ruth R. ************************************** See what s new at
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      I am puzzled by parts of Geoff Hone's message dated 11/7/07 11:19:51 AM,
      gnhone@... writes:

      > Ruth R queried the merit of Sheepshaver on a G5 Powermac.
      > I run (inter alia) a G4 Powermac (same chassis I think?) and solved
      > the problem of WP in a different way.
      >>>> I don't have a WP problem.

      > Installing a new hard drive in the slot provided,
      >>>> In the CD/DVD slot? What is "a new hard drive"? A blank CD or DVD?

      > and with the cable that Apple kindly put in,
      >>>> I'm not aware of a cable that Apple put in.

      > I did a clean install of OS 9 on the new disk.
      >>>> I already have OS 9 installed.

      > On startup, holding down the ALT key brings up a screen asking which
      > drive to boot from - select the OS 9 drive and one can then install
      > such nice things as WP3.5.
      >>>> I already have WP3.5 with updates.

      > It runs very well indeed, and will open my standard test file (a paper
      > written in WP5.1 on a PC, for a conference in Boston way back in
      > 1998).  Now I have to decide if I should install Sheepshaver on tmy G4
      > TiBook which has a small HD, or just run Classic (or even not bother
      > since I have WP now running at home).
      >>>> I have no occasion to write on a PC.

      Ruth R.

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