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Re: [wpmac] Copying stuff to Home Folder [from SheepShaver]

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  • jamie_fillmore
    Do I understand correctly that you would like to be able to access a folder in your Home directory (ie, files in a folder in your Home directory)? If so,
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2007
      Do I understand correctly that you would like to be able to
      access a folder in your Home directory (ie, files in a
      folder in your Home directory)?

      If so, using the "Unix HD" approach you mentioned towards
      the end of your post seems the closest/simplest way to get
      what you want... (once it's working properly). So, I'm
      inclined to look at that problem first because, for
      example, I access a folder that's in my Home directory
      from within Sheepsaver and/or WordPerfect. I can access and
      use the files just fine on either the OS9 side and the OS
      X side. And that sounds similar to what you'd like to

      What error message are you getting when you try to copy
      from the SS desktop to the Unix HD?

      Are you logged in as the Administrator for your Mac OS X?
      (Sometimes things get goofed up regarding permissions if

      Are you able to save a file from within WP to the Unix HD?
      (eg, open WP in SS create a file and Save As... navigate
      to "Unix" and save). If not, do you get any error

      If you are able to save to that spot... reverse the
      process... type a test page in TextEdit or some such on
      the Mac OS X side... save it as a text file... and put it
      in your "Documents" folder in the Mac OS X side. (I'm
      assuming you used the default setup when you set up
      Sheepsaver... in which case, the thing referred to as
      "Unix" on the OS9/WP side is actually your "Documents"
      folder on the Mac OS X side.) From within OS9 you should be
      able to navigate to the newly created test text file and
      from within WP you should be able to import it.

      If those things aren't working, we need to figure out why
      (let me/us know what errors you're getting). At the risk of
      sounding like one of those annoying phone tech support
      people, I would suggest starting with a fresh copy/install
      of the SS-WP.zip package. Since it's a relatively small
      download/install, hopefully that's not too painful. If it
      does let you open/save files as described above, you
      shouldn't need to reinstall anything.

      Once that's working we can pick up your alias idea.
      Specifically, make an alias of the folder you wish to
      access (which I believe is currently in your Home
      directory) and place that alias in the Documents folder
      (which, again, should be the directory that appears when
      you open "Unix" on the OS9 side). Then items you put in the
      folder in your Home folder will be available to the
      SS/OS9/WP world (via the alias) and items you save to that
      folder (through the alias) will be accessible from Mac OS

      As an example, I just made an alias of the "Library" folder
      (tried to pick one that just about every Home directory
      would have)... and put a text file in there. From within
      SS/OS9 if I open Unix HD the alias appears and
      double-clicking on it reveals the enclosed items (including
      the text file) and from within WordPerfect, I can open that
      text file.

      Depending on where in the above things are getting stymied
      and for what reasons, we'll have to sort it out... but if
      that's the gist of what you want to be able to do, it's

      If I've totally missed the mark, my apologies. (That'll
      teach a NKOTB to chime in within a week of joining the



      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "George B. Richardson" <gbr@...> wrote:
      > Further info: on the SheepShaver desktop, I have both the SheepShaver
      > HD and the UNIX HD. I cannot copy the data that I want to copy from
      > the SheepShaver desktop into the UNIX HD w/o getting an error
      > message. When I try to copy the same type of data from the UNIX HD, I
      > get an error message that it is in use, which, as far as I know, is
      > not true.
      > Any help in figuring out how to copy to and from the SheepShaver HD
      > would be appreciated.
      > Sorry to be more a taker than a receiver on this list. I am pretty
      > much out of my element with SheepShaver and running classic on an
      > Intel machine.
      > Thanks for all the help so far.
      > George Richardson
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