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Re: Default app for WP files

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  • hacky8sack
    ... Nope, this didn t work -- RCDefault still failed to make the change of the file type (I could choose other , and browse to WP but after choosing it, the
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 20, 2007
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Smokey Ardisson
      <smokey.ardisson@...> wrote:
      > Erm, catching up on some *really old* email....
      > On Sun Jul 29, 2007 9:15 pm ((PDT)), "hacky8sack" <hacky8sack@...>
      > >I have continued to have periodic problems with the default
      > >app for wp files. If Abiword is installed, it tends to
      > >replace the wordperfect default for all or most wp files.
      > This is partially my fault, and partially an Apple bug.
      > My fault because I was the one who submitted the patch to allow Abi
      > to know it could open WP-Mac files from the Finder.
      > Apple's bug because the Finder/LaunchServices refuses to recognize
      > Classic apps with priority (Abi explicitly claims *not* to be the
      > default app--so it will take ownership only if there's no other app
      > that claims ownership--but LS doesn't recognize WP-Mac as the true
      > owner here.
      > My solution to this was to use RCDefaultApp
      > <http://www.rubicode.com/Software/RCDefaultApp/> to set the WPD3 and
      > WPD4 file types back to WP-Mac, and it's worked for me.
      > LaunchServices "there be dragons" so YMMV.

      Nope, this didn't work -- RCDefault still failed to make the change of
      the file type (I could choose "other", and browse to WP but after
      choosing it, the app immediately changed back). After deleting
      Abiword, the same thing happened with NeoOffice. After deleting that,
      the same thing happened with Nisus writer. After deleting that, wp
      stayed. Yay, except putting any of these other apps back into the
      application folder allows them to reclaim ownership. The problem is
      not restricted to Abi.


      > >I have learned one thing: sometimes you get the Abi icon
      > >for the file, and sometimes an annoying speckled pattern.
      > >If you go into get info, then select the file icon, then
      > >hit delete, the wrong icon goes away and the wp icon is
      > >revealed underneath. It must have been overlaid somehow
      > >with the wrong one.
      > This is a bug with the Finder/the icon cache; it means that the OS's
      > cache of the file icon has become corrupted, so deleting the "wrong"
      > icon as you've described above forces the cache to get a new copy of
      > the icon. Rebooting/logging out also fixes this more effectively (I
      > often have many different file types corrupted at one time when I
      > start seeing this), but regardless, it's an entirely cosmetic bug.

      Well, having the wrong icon is not totally cosmetic. If I have a file
      set with wp as the app, but showing a blank page icon rather than the
      wp icon, and I go into get info and delete the blank page, the
      Abi/neo/nisus icon reappears (whichever is available), and the file is
      reassigned to that app. Not good.

      > Smokey
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