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stumped by F-key problem

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    tumped by F-key problem stumped by F-key problem Message-ID: User-Agent: eGroups-EW/0.82 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain;
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 22, 2007
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      Folks, I'm unable to assign WordPerfect macros to three function keys.

      I'm running WP 3.5 enhanced in Classic (OS 9.1), in OS X (10.3.5), on
      a 300MHz clamshell iBook. The OS runs fine, BTW.

      If you recall from the previous century, keys F1, F5 and F6 default,
      on the original iBook, to Screen Darken, Num Lock and Speaker Control
      respectively. These defaults work well in OS X, but the Edit Macro
      process in WP won't, via Classic, supersede their OS X functions. Thus
      I can't assign my macros to F1, F5 or F6.

      It would greatly simplify my workflow to be able to do so and avoid
      more complex key-combos. To illustrate:

      In WP, in Tools > Macro > Edit Macro, I click the Assign button. The
      Assign Keystroke dialog box appears. When I press, e.g., the F5 key to
      assign it a macro, OS X turns on the iBook's Num Lock and my key
      choice doesn't appear in the Keystroke field of the Assign Keystroke
      dialog box.

      On my desktop Mac (a G4, running WP in Classic, OS 9.2, in OS 10.2.8)
      the same actions type my F-key choice in the Keystroke field of the
      Assign Keystroke dialog box. Then I click the Assign button, click
      Done in the Edit Macro box and my F-key assignment works.

      So what I'm stymied by is those handy default F-key assignments on the
      iBook. A web search turned up lots of unrelated kibitzes & cavils
      about the old iBooks, but nothing that helps.

      I know that many system functions are disabled in the Classic
      environment, but surely I'm missing something. I doubt my only
      recourse is to redo a full-blown OS 9 install on the iBook, assign the
      F-keys within WP and reinstall OS X.  Maybe booting the iBook from an
      OS 9 CD to finish the key assignments ...?

      All advice gratefully received¬óthanks!

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