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WP printing to PDF [was: File conversion & Mac-on-Stick]

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  • Randall C. Wilson
    Here are some of the posts to this list on how to efficiently create PDF s of Mac WP docs. Some time after adopting Mr. Busch s suggestion, I found that my
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11 7:22 AM
      Here are some of the posts to this list on how to efficiently create
      PDF's of Mac WP docs. Some time after adopting Mr. Busch's
      suggestion, I found that my OS9 Acrobat version with PDF distiller
      works. (it didn't seem to before) and so I often use that.

      >From: "Randall C. Wilson" <rwilson@...>
      >Thanks to J Busch for pointing me to a more direct way to print to
      >PDF from WP---a must for lawyers who must ultimately convert many of
      >their documents to pdf for electronic filing or sharing.
      >Until now I'd been using the scripts posted some time ago on this
      >listserv to automatically print to a postscript file and use a folder
      >action to convert them into pdf's. The process sometimes did not go
      >well (no fault of the script).
      >I have followed the instructions found at
      >they work.
      /S/ Randall

      >From: "Edward Mendelson" <emendelson@...>
      >To: Multiple recipients of <wp-l@...>
      >Subject: Fully automated PDF writing from WP under Panther
      >X-RCPT-TO: <rwilson@...>
      >Status: U
      >Many messages on this thread have detailed ways of creating PDF files
      >from WP by printing to a PS file and then opening the PS file in
      >Preview. I stumbled on a very simple way to automate the creation of PDF
      >files from WP when running under Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, and here's a
      >summary (I'm writing from memory without my Mac nearby, but I think this
      >is almost entirely right):
      >First, create a folder in any convenient place; I made one called
      >WPqueue in the root of the hard disk.
      >Next, ctrl-click on the folder, choose Enable Folder Actions; then
      >ctrl-click on it again and choose Attach Folder Action, and select from
      >the list the one with the name that begins convert - ... (These scripts
      >in your own Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts folder).
      >Now "print" from WP and save the printfile to a PS file in the WPqueue
      >folder (or whichever folder you chose). After a few seconds, open the
      >WPqueue folder, and you will see that it magically now contains two
      >folders named something like Original Files and PDF Files. The file you
      >"printed" to the folder will be in Original Files, and the converted PDF
      >file will be - well, you can probably guess where it will be.
      >Next, if you want the converted PDF file to open automatically in
      >Preview after being created, run Script Editor (easy to find) and create
      >a script that looks like this (three lines)
      >on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
      > tell application "Preview" to open added_items
      >end adding folder items to
      >Save it under a name like "view - Open PDF in Preview" (no quotation
      >marks) in exactly the same folder that contained the script you attached
      >to the WPqueue folder. Right-click on the PDF Files folder (or whatever
      >it's called) in WPqueue, and, using the same procedure that you used
      >earlier to attach the convert script to WPqueue, attach the "view..."
      >script to the PDF Files folder.
      >Now "print" a PS file again from WP to the WPqueue folder, and, after a
      >while (a LONG while, unfortunately), Preview will open with a PDF file.
      >As I said, I'm writing this from memory, but I think it's correct enough
      >to be able to follow the procedure easily enough. Please let us know of
      >any refinements, fixes, etc.
      >Edward Mendelson

      >From: whunter <whunterjr@...>
      >To: Multiple recipients of <wp-l@...>
      >Subject: PDF and WP and printing
      >X-RCPT-TO: <rwilson@...>
      >Status: U
      >FYI. Noted today on MacInTouch is an upgrade to an established printer
      >tool. Note this can be obtained for both pre and OS X.
      >MacGhostView 2.8 is a PostScript and PDF viewer based on Unix
      >ghostscript. It includes macps2pdf, a Postscript to PDF converter. The
      >new version, now based on ghostscript 8, adds the ability to merge a
      >collection of Postscript and PDF files into a single PDF and to convert
      >an EPS file or one-page Postscript or PDF file to a high resolution
      >PICT file. MacGhostView is $20 for Mac OS X and Mac OS 8.6 and up.


      >From: Smokey Ardisson <alqahira@...>
      >To: Multiple recipients of <wp-l@...>
      >Subject: Re: Printing to PS file and PDF making
      >X-RCPT-TO: <rwilson@...>
      >Status: U
      >At 7:49 AM -0800 6/7/03, WP-L wrote:
      >>I also remember using a free alternative to
      >>Acrobat called Ghostscript. It was available on the web and seemed
      >>to work with simple documents, but I eventually bought Acrobat.
      >I use Ghostscript (with MacGSView as the converting app; Ghostscript
      >itself is a shared lib) for about 50% of my PDF needs (documents
      >where I need to embed fonts) and PrintToPDF for the other 50%.
      >Ghostscript/MacGSView fills the middle position between PrintToPDF
      >and Acrobat, and every once in a while there are Acrobat features I
      >wish I had, or a quirk in Ghostscript's behavior I didn't have to
      >work around.
      >To use Ghostscript/MacGSView, you would follow the same general
      >steps Steven outlined for Distiller in his email.


      >From: Steve Driska <driska@...>
      >To: Multiple recipients of <wp-l@...>
      >Subject: Re: Printing to PS file and PDF making
      >X-RCPT-TO: <rwilson@...>
      >Status: U
      >OS 9.21 has a Desktop Printer Utility. As I remember, you use it to
      >make a PostScript printer. Then you would drag a WordPerfect file
      >onto this desktop icon, and it would make an Adobe PS file. (Or
      >sometimes crash your Mac.) This much is free.
      >If you have full version of Acrobat (not just the free Reader
      >version) you then use Acrobat Distiller to make a .pdf file from
      >the postscript .ps file.
      >The simpler way (also requires full Acrobat) is to use PDFWriter.
      >You can select this with the Chooser. There is a shortcut for this
      >in WP and other applications, where if you hold down Control and
      >select Print from the File menu, you get the PDFWriter as your
      >printer. This makes a .pdf file without making the postscript
      >In my experience with Acrobat 4, sometimes the postscript to
      >distiller method worked better (higher quality graphics) than the
      >PDFWriter method. But there are other files that crash the
      >postscript step but will work with the PDFWriter method.
      If you could do this once, it probably means you have Acrobat
      installed or once did. I also remember using a free alternative to
      Acrobat called Ghostscript. It was available on the web and seemed
      to work with simple documents, but I eventually bought Acrobat.
      /S/ Randall


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