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Re: [wpmac] Items included with SheepShaver install

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  • J Busch
    Thank you. -Jonathan John Rethorst wrote: ... Two readme docs that come with the install: Enhancements, and Utilities, list most things.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 22, 2007
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      Thank you.

      John Rethorst <jrethorst@...> wrote:
      A list member wrote to ask:

      > Thank you very much for the quick install image of
      > Sheep Shaver it is working very well and nice to have
      > everything setup from the get go. I was wondering if
      > there was a list of everything that you installed? Or
      > is everything under the files section of the group
      > already installed, and if so where are the mac
      > scripts, wp templates and other added content?

      Two readme docs that come with the install:
      Enhancements, and Utilities, list most things. A few
      other things made it in. Last Resort, for example, is
      a keystroke logger, a last resort for backups that's an
      idea I really like, even though WP's timed backup
      feature works well. The control panel is not active
      as shipped; use Extensions Manager to activate it.

      Not everything in the Files section of this group is
      included, just as a matter of available space. The
      most useful things are included. All 95 of the templates
      from the 1997 WP CD are included, in the "WP
      Templates" folder; they need to be moved into the
      "Templates" folder to appear in the Files > Templates
      menu, although they can be used from anywhere. All
      the macros that came on the CD are included, as is all
      of the clip art, and the QuickTasks utilites that import
      data from Excel spreadsheets and Filemaker databases.

      The Photos and Sounds collections were not included.
      They would not have fit on the 500mb image. A selection
      would have been possible, but I wanted the install to be
      ready to use, without the user having to decide what to
      throw away before being able to save files. Same issue
      with the fonts that the CD has in separate folders, but
      than the 24 fonts installed with the application are
      included. The equation fonts are included. The envelope
      fonts are not, since I forgot them. D'oh. They are, however,
      in the Files section here.

      I did not include the OrgChart Builder, which makes
      flow charts from WP outlines, since it crashed twice
      while I was testing it. I like what it does, but the
      application was apparently written for WP as an
      OpenDoc container, and was not updated after 1997.

      I'd be happy to forward the other fonts, photos and
      sounds, and OrgChart Builder, to anyone who'd like
      to host them.

      John R.

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