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Re: [wpmac] The future of reveal codes?

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  • Peter J. Hartmann
    ... NisusWriter Classic for instance used the resource fork to save style info - in a manner like saying characters 1 thru 40 Arial 10 point italic and so
    Message 1 of 6 , May 14, 2006
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      Am 14.05.2006 um 15:27 schrieb Paul M. Konnersman:

      > There's something here that I don't understand. I can't conceive of
      > any
      > way of putting formatting into a document other than by tagging it in
      > the manner that WP does. How is it possible for a word processing
      > program to provide styling features or formating features without
      > having
      > tags in the text?

      NisusWriter Classic for instance used the resource fork to save style
      info - in a manner like saying "characters 1 thru 40 Arial 10 point
      italic" and so on. This way it was always possible to open NW files
      as text files without any "garbage characters" added.
      Even without using a resource fork you could add similar info at the
      end of a file otherwise containing only text.
      Admittedly, things will get problematic when the formatting or layout
      becomes complex - NisusWriter for instance had to use an (ugly) extra
      table tool to provide some minimal table editing.

      > Then, if there are codes in the text, no matter how arcane, how
      > difficult can it be to map those codes to tag icons---identical to
      > those
      > in WP assuming they aren't copywrited---and to provide an option to
      > reveal those codes, preferably in a separate panel a la WP?
      > Paul Konnersman
      > Douglas Bouley wrote:
      > > Like most long-time WP users, Reveal Codes is important to me. I
      > like
      > > WP3.5e very much, but I admit I'd like to have an OS-X native
      > replacement,
      > >
      > > Nobody else does real Reveal Codes. I just recently read that one
      > of the
      > > reasons this is so is that few other word processors use the
      > lovely code
      > > tag programming that WP uses. Apparently, Word's codes are arcane
      > and
      > > difficult to display clearly. Others (like Open Office) are style-
      > based
      > > and don't really have any codes to Reveal.
      > >
      > > One article mentioned the fact that WP codes are quite similar in
      > > concept to HTML tags. That sent me off on a search for HTML
      > editors that
      > > could be used as word processors. My theory being that it ought
      > to be
      > > easy enough to see the codes in an HTML editor.
      > >
      > > NVu is an Open Source web authoring system available for the Mac.
      > It can
      > > be set up to work pretty much like a WYSIWYG word processor, but
      > with
      > > simple clicks on tabs at the bottom of the page, you can view
      > html tags
      > > (very like Reveal Codes) or HTML source code (even more detail) or
      > > Preview (shows what it will look like published).
      > >
      > > http://www.nvu.com/index.php
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