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[ANN] Pleading Paper templates

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  • John Rethorst
    Contains standard and FRCPro 26 templates. Thanks to Randy Singer and Randall Wilson. In the Files section here. If anyone has other pleading or legal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2006
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      Contains standard and FRCPro 26 templates. Thanks to Randy
      Singer and Randall Wilson. In the Files section here.

      If anyone has other pleading or legal templates, or templates
      of any sort that would be generally useful, please send them
      to jrethorst at yahoo dot com and I'll post them.

      There's also a good collection of templates and other forms
      in the Document Experts set, downloadable from the Files
      section here. It includes a pleading template and a separate
      macro that generates pleading paper.

      If any attorneys here can think of features for pleading or
      other templates that are not in these templates or macros,
      or would like to see some combination of the features, let me

      Document Experts contains many other templates and macros:

      • Business forms

      Balance Sheet
      Income Statement
      Expense Sheet
      Purchase Order
      Mileage Record

      • Business sets

      Envelope 1
      Letter 1
      Fax Cover Sheet 1
      Memo 1
      Business Card 1
      Memo 2
      Fax Cover Sheet 2
      Envelope 2
      Letter 2
      Business Card 2
      Envelope 3
      Business Card 3
      Fax Cover Sheet 3
      Memo 3
      Letter 3

      • Calendars

      Weekly Planner
      Daily Planner
      Class Schedule
      (also see the calendar-generating macro in
      Tips & Macros)

      • Desktop publishing

      Certificate 1 (Portrait)
      Brochure 1
      Sign 4 (Landscape)
      Sign 3
      Brochure 2
      Certificate 2 (Landscape)
      Sign 1
      Sign 2
      Newsletter 1
      Newsletter 2
      Newsletter 3
      Newsletter 4

      • Law office

      Law Office Memo
      Letterhead 1
      Letterhead 2
      Letterhead 3
      Letterhead 4
      Letterhead 5
      Law Office Time Sheet
      Law Office Fax
      Law Office Expense Report

      • Press releases

      • Reports/term papers

      Term Paper (Turabian)
      Term Paper (MLA)
      Term Paper (APA)
      Idea List
      Report Cover 1
      Report Cover 2
      Report Cover 3

      • Resumes

      Resume (Modern)
      Resume (Classic)
      Resume (Contemporary)

      • Macros

      Alternate Page Numbering
      Balance Existing Columns
      Bar Chart
      Center All Pages
      Circular Text
      Cut to Text Box
      Drop Cap
      Endnotes -> Text
      Fancy Page Border
      Legal Watermarks
      Mark Subheading
      Pleading Format
      Pie Chart
      Redline Option
      Search and Replace Font/Size
      Smart<->Plain Quotes
      Table of Authorities
      Tabs -> Spaces

      • Clip art

      Electronics Tools, B&W
      Eagle Banner
      Drafting Tools B&W
      Printer 2
      Shadowed Rectangle 3
      Shadowed Arrow 5
      Ribbon-Ended Banner 3
      Quill Pen & Scroll
      Welding Tools, B&W
      Border 44, Portrait
      Border 28, Landscape
      Border 19, Portrait
      Border 11, Landscape
      Agriculture Symbol, B&W
      A+ Grade
      3-D Arrow 3
      Balance Scales
      Distillation Equipment
      Desk, Chair & Calendar, B&W
      Cosmetology Tools, B&W
      Computer Chip, Transistors, B&W
      Check Mark 1
      Building Tools, B&W
      3.5 Inch Disk, 3-D
      Pulley & Cogwheels, B&Wpiggy Bank & Adding Machine
      Personal Computer 7
      Painting Tools, B&W
      Mechanical Tools, B&W
      Mariner'S Compass
      Lozenge Crest
      Lab Equipment
      Handshake, Male
      Graduation Diploma 2
      Graduation Cap
      Black Dripping Burst
      Frame 3, Landscape
      Forest Ranger Tools, B&W
      Feather Portrait Border
      Two Books
      Thumbs Up
      Thumbs Down
      Spiral-Bound Portrait Border
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