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Why hasn't Corel learned how to market Wordperfect?

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  • jeraldbricker
    Hello all, I m new to this group and thankful I m not the only nutty diehard user of Wordperfect. I ve searched and searched for a program that comes anywhere
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2006
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      Hello all,

      I'm new to this group and thankful I'm not the only nutty diehard user of Wordperfect. I've
      searched and searched for a program that comes anywhere close to Wordperfect's features
      but with no luck. It seems that everything on the market these days is a flavor of the
      layout and user interface of Word.

      About a year ago Corel announced they were updating the Wordperfect suite for the
      Windows operating system. I had hopes that a new version for the Mac might follow but
      nothing has yet to appear. Word is still the number one wordprocessing program and will
      continue to be so for years to come because of one simple reason, cross platform
      compatibility. A Word document created on a PC can be emailed to a Mac user or vice
      versa with no problems. Word has thus become the de facto file standard. If any company
      wants to cut into Bill Gate's market share they have to understand that simple fact. Sure,
      there are other programs out there and some are very good and some are very free
      (thanks to the Open Source community). Will any ever replace Word? I doubt it.

      The average computer user purchases a computer and never imagines there are any
      choices in wordprocessing, etc. Why should they? "Everyone" uses Word so why even
      think about the fact there might be alternatives?

      So, why would a company like Corel release a program such as Wordperfect only on the
      Windows operating system? Do they think that they only need to worry about the 90% of
      the market that uses a PC? From a product development standpoint the answer is yes.
      From a marketing perspective the answer is no. If a company wants everyone to use their
      product then everyone must be able to use their product. Why else would Microsoft
      produce Mac versions of their Office software. They know that when PC users share files
      with Mac users in a .doc format that those Mac users will eventually give up the fight.
      We'll resign to the fact that no other alternatives are out there for us to use freely across
      the community. Once we resign to that fact guess what program we choose? Word!

      Years ago most Mac users I knew would rather be caught dead than use a product put out
      by Microsoft. These days my Mac loving friends look at me with suspicion when I tell them
      I never use a Microsoft product. They've been assimilated by the Borg and it's only time
      when the rest of us will be as well.

      So, if a company has a great product how do the market it? The first thing is to get a
      product out that us Mac users can run on our systems. Make the product a true
      competitor across the board with the Microsoft version. Otherwise, there's no reason for
      anyone to adopt it whether they use a PC or a Mac. Why hasn't Corel learned this simple

      Whatever the reason, I predict their current attempts to regain market share will be dead in
      the water within another 12 months. Until they capitilize on the little fact that we need a
      program everyone can use, Wordperfect is just a curiosity hanging around from the early
      days of the computer revolution. I won't cry too much when the new Wordperct PC fails.
      I'm still pissed off enough from the way they killed Wordperfect Mac to enjoy watching
      them crash and burn. After all, what kind of idiot would stop production on the best
      wordprocessing program ever produced for the personal computer.

      Just a few thoughts.

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