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Re: [wpmac] Re: Re: Neo-Office export

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  • Douglas Bouley
    Sounds like the very definition of an IT person, Gail. IT (UNIX) is my main job and I feel the same way. If you haven t already, you might want to get the 3.5e
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 5, 2006
      Sounds like the very definition of an IT person, Gail. IT (UNIX) is my
      main job and I feel the same way.

      If you haven't already, you might want to get the 3.5e package and
      patches here and try the whole thing out on one of your boxes. Simple
      and small. Lot's of support here, if you need it.

      The Mac WP interface reminds more of the WP UNIX interface than the
      DOS/Win versions. Pretty straight-forward, though.

      Take me with a large grain of salt, since I am new here and fairly new
      to the Mac.

      I'm jealous: I couldn't find a big enough hole to put that extra 512 mb
      in my little iBook.


      Rural Heritage wrote:

      >>Doug said: Also, the printer support for Classic apps seems better
      >>in 10.4 than it
      >>was in 10.3. Seemed much easier to set up printing from WPMac to my HP 4015.
      >That was one of my worries, as I'm the IT person here (only because
      >everyone else here knows less than I do; or rather, I'm more dogged
      >about solving problems), and I don't need additional "issues" to deal
      >>Caveat: I'm a long-time WordPerfect partisian and am running with 1.5 Gb
      >>of RAM. Can't say for sure if the extra RAM matters to WP, since it was
      >>written to run with far les, but it might.
      >RAM shouldn't be a problem. Our OS X Macs all have 2G.

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    • logres@redrose.net
      If you re in need of an all-OSX word processor, I recommend that you seriously consider Mellel (www.redlers.com). I ve been working with it off and on for
      Message 2 of 8 , Jan 5, 2006
        If you're in need of an all-OSX word processor, I recommend that you seriously consider Mellel (www.redlers.com). I've been working with it off and on for about a year now (and much more, recently), and I think it's an excellent product--in my opinion, superior to NeoOffice and some similar products (though, admittedly, I only gave them a limited evaluation). Once I got used to Mellel's paradigm--it uses styles for character, paragraph, page, etc., and I had not really worked with styles all that much, even in Wordperfect--I learned that it is quite well designed and very stable. It's not a beta, and I've never had any problems with document errors, system conflicts or crashes, etc. It doesn't use a lot of memory or take up that much space on disk, but it is a serious word procesor, with a lot of features for foreign language support (which I don't use, much) and academic writing (strong capabilities in managing notes, bibliographies, etc.). It isn't WordPerfect--it doesn't have the macros, for example--but I think it is a very good piece of software and the support is superb. I once reported a minor bug with importing a note, and they released a new version that fixed the problem within 48 hours. Granted, it was a small problem, but the turnaround was very impressive. And although I've been a registered user for some time, I was surprised and impressed that they gave me a free upgrade to their 2.0 version, which incorportated a number of significant enhancements. Most developers will give you minor upgrades but charge you for the point-oh versions, yet Redlers didn't. That was a big plus, in my book.

        The import and export capabilities are more limited than some products--it's pretty much text, RTF, and Word--but the RTF is pretty good; better than I'd expected, actually. I did a test of a couple of book chapters that were in WordPerfect 3.5e via RTF, and they came through, including all the endnotes, with only a couple of minor glitches. (The versions that were exported using WordPerfect's RTF translator actually required more cleanup than those done using MacLinkPlus.)

        I think it's now about $49, though there's an educational version for 34.99 or something, and a 5-user license for $69. I'm pretty sure you can still download a trial version and register later.

        Rick Albright

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        >From: Rural Heritage <editor@...>
        >Sent: Jan 4, 2006 1:38 PM
        >To: wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com
        >Subject: [wpmac] Neo-Office export
        >I've been using Neo-Office to open files submitted to our publication
        >that won't open in WP, but the Neo-Office export options are so
        >limited I have to use .rtf. Does Neo-Office have a set of nifty
        >translators, like WP does, or is .rtf "it"?
        >Our company is moving to 100% OS X this year and, after reading all
        >the woes on this list, I'm seriously thinking of giving up my beloved
        >WP, which I've used since the earliest DOS version.
        >Gail Damerow
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