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Re: [wpmac] [ANN] Word > WP 2.0 - for OSX and Classic

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Update to Error Message: As John s email proposed, I downloaded a new version of WP s Conversions folder and copied across the RTF converter. I got the Error
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 9, 2005
      Update to Error Message: As John's email proposed, I downloaded a new
      version of WP's Conversions folder and copied across the RTF
      converter. I got the Error message once again, but then I ran the
      droplet on an rtf file through Ragtime and that worked. I then tried
      it on a simple .doc file and that worked, too (it actually wasn't
      that simple - there were hyperlinks in the file and these were
      translated). Finally, I ran it on a .doc file with loads of footnotes
      - no problems. It still can't do tables or graphics (no matter what
      it seems to say it's doing), but this is the best Word conversion
      I've seen.


      > >Now supports OS 8.1 - 9!
      >>I've just learned that RagTime Solo, a page layout program,
      >>will open Word docs and save them as RTF.
      >>The greatest part of this news is that Ragtime Solo is _free_
      >>both in OSX and Classic (OS 8.1 and later) versions.
      >>So we now have automatic Word > WordPerfect conversion
      >>in Classic as well as OSX!
      >>It takes a lot to make me happy, but this does it.
      >>The download is at http://www.ragtime-online.com/ Look for
      >>the RagTime Solo page, and download links for OSX and for
      >>Classic. Download the one for the OS you use.
      >>For the purposes of this Word > WP conversion droplet, Ragtime
      >>works better than Pages or TextEdit, so version 2.0 (OSX) of
      >>Word > WP has Ragtime as an option, but will also work with
      >>AppleWorks, TextEdit and Pages. Version 2.0 (Classic) works
      >>with AppleWorks and Ragtime.
      >>The Pages component of the OSX droplet is still under
      >>construction, and the Classic droplet supports a conversion
      >>by AppleWorks that needs further testing, so these two
      >>parts are beta for the moment.
      >>The droplets are in the Conversions folder of the Files section
      >>here, as Word > WP 2.0.sit.
      >>Otherwise, Ragtime is one impressive program: page layout,
      >>graphics and spreadsheet. What a wonderful world - all the
      >>best software is free. Text Wrangler, Ragtime, and . . . our
      >>John R.
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