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  • John Rethorst
    ... It looks like r8ix.com is subscribed to Yahoo. It s a little odd. I originally set up Yahoo as a library, for available links and files, and as a
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 26, 2005
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, Rick Albright <logres@r...>

      > PS: Why are these messages being duplicated in both
      > listservs, since the same people--at least for this
      > message thread--seem to be on both?

      It looks like r8ix.com is subscribed to Yahoo.

      It's a little odd. I originally set up Yahoo as a library,
      for available links and files, and as a searchable
      repository for the three-million word archive of the r8ix
      list, a tremendous measure of support for WPMac on the
      part of the list host and all contributors to it.

      I subscribed Yahoo to r8ix some months back, to continue
      the library function, but it apparently didn't register,
      as Yahoo never received any digests.

      About the time I was setting up the Yahoo group (latter
      half of 2004), r8ix seemed to become erratic. I was
      subscribed to both the active list and the digest, with
      different addresses, and stopped getting either. Messages
      I sent to the list just disappeared. This persisted for
      several months.

      When I announced the Yahoo group at the start of this
      year, sending an email to everyone who had posted to r8ix
      in 2004, I got quite a few private responses appreciative
      that at least one source of WPMac support would continue.
      (I also got positive emails from a couple of people who
      had signed off r8ix because of uncontrolled flame wars,
      but that's another question.)

      When I sent the email announcing the group, a dozen posts
      to the group showed up in short order, all from folks glad
      that a reliable source for communication among the
      remaining WP user base was again available.

      More recently (just in the last week or so), not having
      received anything from r8ix in a long time, I emailed for
      the current digest and got it, containing a question (from
      luskin@..., I think?) with a question about advanced
      sorting. This is one of WP's strengths, and I posted a
      comprehensive answer. I sent again for a digest the next
      day, to see whether it had gotten there, and it hadn't.
      Afew days later, some test messages came through to my
      active subscription, and I emailed again for a digest, but
      that entire file (digest #955) was gone - both question
      and answer.

      I haven't kept a count of how many of my posts to r8ix
      have disappeared in the last six months, but it's been
      more than a few.

      The last thing I'd want to do is disparage anyone's
      support for the program, and we might all actually feel
      fortunate that we know it and use it - witness the long
      and heartfelt recent thread on usenet's comp.sys.mac.apps
      about Pages, Apple's new word processor. Why aren't there
      any good, _serious_ word processors? asked what seemed
      like a few hundred people who felt they needed to operate
      in the OSX native environment and who also needed a word
      processor free of everything that MS Word has going for

      One thing Word and all other programs have going for them,
      though, is a broad support structure, including phone tech
      support and corporate web sites.

      We who are willing to stay in Classic, a small
      inconvenience for a powerful and elegant tool with which
      to express our thoughts, have to have a way to talk with
      each other. We really need that.

      John R.
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