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  • John Rethorst
    ... John R.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      This interesting bit appeared in comp.sys.mac.apps:

      > For those who missed it, here is a Pages review:
      > <http://www.macworld.com/2005/01/news/pagesfirstlook/index.php>
      > Excerpt:
      > **********
      > Pages is not your typical word processor. In many ways, it’s no threat
      > to the dominance of Microsoft Word. For instance, Pages isn’t for you
      > if:
      > - You need a form letter to send to hundreds of contacts, with each
      > contact’s name and address substituted into the letter
      > - You often need to count the number of words in a selection of text
      > (Pages will only give you full-document totals)
      > - You have multiple users updating documents and need the ability to
      > track the changes that each makes
      > - You're an advanced user who relies on macros to automate your word
      > processing tasks.
      > **********
      > Well I must say this is a profound disappointment. It seems we have a
      > plethora of low end products: Appleworks, Nissus, Mellel, Mariner,
      > ThinkFree, and now Pages. [expletive deleted]
      > We need a secure, high end, elegant product written to take full
      > advantage of OS X, its Unix underpinnings, and other Apple tools
      > including Applescript, Services, and Rendezvous. It should be able to
      > (easily) do book length projects; bibliography formatting and tracking
      > (or interface with an app like Bookends); multiple columns;
      > complicated endnotes and footnotes in academic; legal and other common
      > styles; powerful macros; multiple-user updating and highlighting;
      > internal html-like linking (see Notetaker for an excellent example);
      > better than mickey mouse import and export capability; standard
      > business functions; etc.
      > Why is this so difficult? So, those of us who can't use Word for
      > security reasons or who just cannot stand it are stuck using ancient
      > Word Perfect in Classic mode to get at least some of these key
      > features. I just don't comprehend this at all. When I compare the
      > robustness and technological modernity of applications like Notetaker
      > and Graphic Converter with the state of secure word processors
      > designed for the Mac, it's like comparing a cellphone to two tin cans
      > with a string.

      John R.
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