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    March 1997 Issue 27 WPMac News is a monthly newsletter published for those who use WordPerfect for Macintosh, anyone interested in the product, and those who
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2004
      March 1997 Issue 27 WPMac News is a monthly newsletter published for
      those who use WordPerfect for Macintosh, anyone interested in the
      product, and those who stumble across this newsletter and are
      captivated to read. It contains any late-breaking news, the hottest
      issues from customer support, and extensive coverage of WPMac features.
      Check out this current issue, as well as our past issues. We hope you
      find the News informative, helpful, and even entertaining. Hot issue
      this month. Don Fowles provides us with a detailed explanation of the
      Character Format dialog. If you have recently installed the new System
      7.6 and are experiencing a glitch or two with conversions, don’t miss
      Direct Questions. And, Corel has a new web site for you to check out in
      your spare time...mostly WPWin information, but as always, we will do
      our best to get our Macintosh goodies posted as well. Corel Corp gives
      the details. We work hard to bring you the latest and greatest each
      month. We appreciate you, our readers, and hope you enjoy the March
      issue. Lisa Credits Lisa Foster, Editor and Layout LaMar Kirby, Graphic
      Design and Web Master John Rethorst, Mastering Macros WPMac Support
      Team Page March 2 97 Character Format by Don Fowles There are many
      options for controlling the type style of your text within WordPerfect.
      Let’s take a look at these options found in the Character Format
      dialog. Some are very simple and basic, while other items can be quite
      extensive. Click on the Style menu and select Other. Or, you may click
      on the button found on the Font Tool Bar to locate the Character
      Format dialog. Font The Font menu is a basic listing of all fonts that
      are available at the System level. Page March 3 97 WordPerfect does not
      have an option to add fonts to the application, but simply recognizes
      the fonts that are setup correctly at the System level. If a font is
      located in the System Folder|Fonts folder, it will be available within
      WordPerfect. By default, the font menu graphically displays the name of
      each font. This means that you can see the font in its exact type
      face--which is the way it displays on the document screen, and the same
      way it will print. If you do not like this option, it can be turned off
      through Preferences. Edit|Preferences|Environment|click on the Options
      menu|click on the Graphic Font Menu option to disable this feature. At
      any time you can repeat these steps to reactivate the Graphic Font
      Menu. We have seen some situations where the font menu does not display
      the fonts graphically, even when the option is active within the
      Environment preferences. This situation is caused by an Extension or
      Control Panel conflict. Some Font Utility Extensions or Control Panels
      can conflict with our Graphic Font Menu. A solution for this problem?
      Try turning Page March 4 97 the Graphic Font Menu off. If this is not a
      fix, try installing the latest version of the conflicting Extension or
      Control Panel, or disable the conflicting Extension or Control Panel.
      Size The size menu is very simple--select the font size for your text.
      You can select a font size by clicking on the button, or you can
      manually type in the size number. WordPerfect will only allow whole
      numbers for font sizes, such as, 12, 13, 14. Half point sizes may not
      be used, such as, 12.5, 14.5. The pop-up menu to the left of the font
      size allows you to change the text to Fine, Small, Normal, Large, Very
      Large, or Extra Large. The default is set to Normal. This option was
      added to WordPerfect on the Macintosh for better conversions from the
      PC version of WordPerfect. Any changes to these size options can be
      made by clicking on the Page March 5 97 button. The Relative Sizes
      dialog can change the percentages for the Fine, Small, Large, Very
      Large, and Extra Large font. You can choose to make a change by
      selecting a percentage of the Normal size, or you can assign a specific
      point size. This change affects your document from where your cursor is
      located down, until you make another change to these settings. If your
      cursor is at the top of the document it will affect the entire
      document. Character Style Bold, Italics, Underline, Double Underline,
      Outline, and Shadow are all self-explanatory. The check mark
      designates which item is selected. You can have more than one item
      selected when dealing with any of these attributes. There are also
      keystrokes available for each of Page March 6 97 these items if you do
      not wish to use your mouse (check your Keyboard preferences for these
      keystrokes). The SMALL CAPS option will change your characters to look
      like uppercase letters, but maintain the size of lowercase letters. A
      letter that is already uppercase will still look like an uppercase
      letter. The Superscript and Subscript options will allow you to script
      individual letters or numbers, or words and sentences. As with all of
      the font attributes, once you select this option, it will continue to
      be on until you turn it off. The options for superscript and subscript
      can be controlled by clicking on the button at the bottom of the
      Character Format window. In this dialog you can change the font size
      and location of the superscripted and subscripted information. Both the
      Superscript and Subscript Style options allow you to change the font
      size by either a percentage of the current size, or assigning a
      specific point size. The Move Up and Move Down options allow you to
      change the location of the superscripted and subscripted information by
      a percentage of the line Page March 7 97 height, or by a specific point
      size change. Within the Super/Subscript Options dialog you can also
      decide whether or not to affect the line height. The superscripts and
      subscripts will automatically affect the line height as a default, but
      you can take the X out of the box to disable this option. Notice that
      this dialog provides a view screen on the bottom left for you to
      physically see how the changes you have made will affect the text
      positioning. This allows you to see the changes before altering your
      document. The changes you make within this dialog will affect the
      document from the location of your cursor down. The Redline and
      Strikeout features are on/off toggles just like all other font
      attributes. The Redline option places a red line to the left side of
      the text, within the left margin. Your text is not actually redlined.
      Only this marking is placed in the left margin. The Strikeout option
      draws a line through the text. These two attributes are useful for
      editors and proofreaders who want to note changes to a document.
      Page March 8 97 Color Change the color of your text. Click once and
      hold your mouse button down on this black button. Drag and let your
      mouse go on the desired color. If you double-click this black button
      you can find the shade of any color you are looking for. Continuous
      Underline The Continuous Underline option allows you to turn on, or
      off, the underlining for spaces and tabs within your document. The
      default is set for spaces on and tabs off. If underline is turned on
      and you press the space bar, the underline continues. Press the tab key
      and the underline stops. Many people use the Continuous Underline
      option for creating a blank line, such as for a Page March 9 97
      fill-in-the-blank form or test. A quick and easy way to create a blank
      line--turn on the Continuous Underline for tabs at the beginning of the
      document. Then, when you are in a section where you want to create a
      blank line, turn the underline attribute on and press the tab key. The
      underline only goes to the next tab, so you can remove the tabs from
      the Ruler out to the location you wish the line to end. You should
      extend the tab marker and just enter one tab rather than entering
      multiple tabs because if you ever add text to this line it can push the
      underlined tabs to the next line of information. View Screen This box
      will show the font, character style, font size, and color of the
      options you select so you can see what your text will look like before
      altering your document. Page March 10 97 Where in the world are John
      Rethorst’s macros: FTP://ftp.corel.com/pub/wordperfect/wpmac/macros
      Sumex/Info-Mac archives. Sumex has almost 50 mirrors worldwide; the
      list is posted on comp.sys.mac.digest
      HyperArchive.html. Page March 11 97 Document Name Macro From time to
      time, many of you have requested a macro that would place the document
      name in your document. You have also asked that the name include the
      full path so that the document can be easily located again. This simple
      macro is an answer to your requests! The Document Name macro places the
      entire path to the document, along with the document name, in a footer.
      To Run the Macro • Place your cursor on the page where you want your
      document name to begin appearing on the bottom of the page. • Select “•
      Document Name” from the Tools|Macro menu. • If a Footer A already
      exists somewhere in the document (other than the page where you’re
      starting the macro), the document name will appear on the beginning
      page of Page March 12 97 the document and every page after, and will
      stop once it reaches the page that contains the already existing Footer
      A. • Click File|Print Preview to see the entire document and the new
      footer created by this macro. Example--running the macro on the Corel
      Support Read Me gives this path and name: Macintosh HD:Corel:Corel
      WordPerfect 3.5:Documentation:Corel Support Read Me Change Endnote
      Attributes This macro is a variation on the Change Attributes macro
      which ships with Corel WordPerfect for Macintosh. The Change Attributes
      macro changes all instances of a particular text attribute to any
      attribute you specify. For example, you can change all of the bold text
      in your document to underlined text. Only one problem--any attributes
      in your endnotes will not be changed by this macro. Only the attributes
      in your main document will be changed. Page March 13 97 The
      solution--the Change Endnote Attributes macro. This macro changes all
      instances of a particular text attribute in all endnotes to any
      attribute you specify. This macro does not replace the Change
      Attributes macro. In other words, to change a particular attribute in
      your entire document, use the Change Attributes macro for the main
      document, and the Change Endnote Attributes macro for your endnotes.
      These two macros are attached to the March Macros Read Me file which is
      included with this newsletter. Page March 14 97 We welcome your
      comments, feedback, tips & tricks, and questions you would like to see
      answered in the News at wpmacnews@... (technical support
      questions will not be answered here).You can send any technical support
      questions to wpsupport@.... Allow a 3-4 day turnaround. If you need
      live phone support for a WordPerfect for Macintosh product, reach us at
      (801) 765-4020, Priority : $25 fee (800) 861-2410, $2 per minute (900)
      555-2233. Since I upgraded to System 7.6 on my PowerMac, I am no longer
      able to import files from other programs into WordPerfect 3.5. It looks
      like the files are being imported, but they do not open after the
      process has completed. We know about this one and even have a fix! To
      explain the problem in a nutshell, System 7.6 changed the Memory
      Control Panel so that Modern Memory Manager cannot be turned off.
      WordPerfect, however, is not able to recognize that it really is turned
      on. Modern Memory Manager is required for WordPerfect to perform the
      conversions on PowerMacs, but WordPerfect can not see that Modern
      Memory is active and thus you can not import your documents. Page March
      15 97 But...an updater, 3.5.3, is now available from our FTP site that
      fixes this problem:
      FTP://ftp.corel.com/pub/WordPerfect/wpmac/Updates/WordPerfect 3.5.3
      Updater.hqx The 3.5.3 updater includes all previous updates, so you do
      not need any earlier updaters. For those of you who have already
      applied the 3.5.2 updater, you may download and use the WordPerfect
      3.5.2-3.5.3.hqx file instead, which is much smaller. I just upgraded to
      System 7.6 and now when I click on File|Open while in WordPerfect, I am
      unable to see any Microsoft Word 5.X documents. What happened? Included
      with System 7.6 are a number of new converters from DataViz, located in
      the DataViz folder in the System Folder. It has been determined that
      there is a limit of 64 document formats that can be placed in the
      DataViz folder, after which Microsoft Word 5.X documents become
      “invisible.” Page March 16 97 There are two basic options: 1. You may
      remove any unnecessary conversion filters from the DataViz folder.
      Create a new folder with the name of, DataViz (Disabled), or whatever
      name you prefer, and place the unnecessary filters there. You need to
      remove enough converters to bring the number of formats down to 64 or
      below. Each of the files in the DataViz folder does not necessarily
      contain just one document format, so bringing the number of converter
      files down to 64 may not be enough. Also, be careful to remove only
      converter files. Restart your computer to make the changes effective.
      2. After considering your needs, if you determine that you do not need
      any of the new DataViz converters, you can turn off the MacLinkPlus For
      EasyOpen extension in your Extensions Manager control panel, which will
      also disable the converters in the DataViz folder. You must have the
      MacLinkPlus WordPerfect 3 extension active, however, to be able to use
      the full range of converters included with WordPerfect. To see which
      conversions come with WordPerfect, take a look in the Conversions
      folder which should be inside the Corel WordPerfect 3.5 folder.
      Page March 17 97 A few great buttons we are sure you will find helpful!
      Click on the button at the front of your Button Bar and select Edit.
      Double-click to add any button to your Bar. Found under the Editing
      feature: Moves your cursor to the end of your document. Moves your
      cursor to the beginning of your document. Found under the Formatting
      feature: Selects the current page where your cursor is located.
      Page March 18 97 Selects the current paragraph where your cursor is
      located. Selects the current sentence where your cursor is located.
      WordPerfect 3.5|Documentation|open the WordPerfect Read Me. Appendix C
      is a summary of all our macro commands and Appendix D is a summary of
      all our macro variables. Use a semicolon to comment out a macro
      command. In case you might find a future use for your macro command, or
      you just want to temporarily disable it--use a semicolon.
      Tools|Macro|Edit|Select the macro to edit. Place the semicolon in front
      of the macro command. Ever have the need to select a table? You will,
      if you want to sort or copy it. Simplify this process with a keystroke.
      Edit|Preferences|Keyboard|locate the Select Table command and assign it
      a keystroke. Your cursor must be positioned anywhere inside of the
      table for your new keystroke to work. ** This is a good tip if you are
      having problems sorting the contents of your table (i.e. information
      disappearing from the table once it is sorted). Page March 19 97 How do
      you see the postscript information for an EPS file within WordPerfect?
      If an EPS image is located in your WordPerfect document, use the
      following steps: • Double-click on the image within the document (it
      will place the graphic in the graphic layer). • While in the graphic
      layer, double-click on the image. • This will open a window which will
      show you the postscript code of the image. • Once you are finished with
      this information you can click Cancel, or OK, to take you back to the
      graphic layer. • Close the graphic layer by clicking the Close Box in
      the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Page March 20 97 You can open
      an EPS image into a WordPerfect 3.1 or 3.5 document screen as
      postscript code by using the following steps: • When in the File|Open
      or Insert|File dialog boxes, click once on the EPS filename to select
      it. • Hold down the Option key and click the Open, or Insert, button. •
      The Option key allows WordPerfect to bypass the EPS conversion filter.
      • The postscript code for the image will display as text on the
      WordPerfect document screen. How do you create an Index using a
      concordance file? First, create the concordance file by using the
      following steps: 1. File|New to open a new document. 2. Type an Index
      entry, then press Return. The Index entry can be as long as you want
      (and can even wrap to the next line), but it must end with a hard
      return. The entries in the concordance must be spelled exactly
      Page March 21 97 the same as their counterpart occurrences in the
      document text. Capitalization is irrelevant in the matching process.
      3. Repeat step 2 for each Index entry you want in the concordance.
      4. WordPerfect will compile the Index more quickly if the concordance
      is alphabetized, but it does not need to be alphabetized to work
      correctly. 5. File|Save. Give the document a name and click Save. Next,
      define an Index using the concordance file: 1. Place your insertion
      point at the location in your document where you want the Index to
      appear. 2. If you want to title the Index, type and format the title,
      then press Return to add as many blank lines as you want. 3. Now place
      the insertion point where you want the Index entries to begin.
      4. Tools|List. 5. Select Define Index from the Type pop-up menu.
      6. Select a numbering style from the Page Numbers pop-up menu. 7. Click
      the Find File button at the bottom of the screen. 8. Select the
      concordance file you created, then click Set. Page March 22 97 9. Click
      the Define button at the bottom of the dialog. 10. An <<Index Generated
      Here>> message will appear in your document. This message is replaced
      with the Index when you generate. As a final step, generate your Index:
      1. Tools|List. 2. Click the Generate button at the bottom of the List
      dialog box. 3. Click OK on the alert box that appears to continue the
      generation process. 4. The Index will appear in your document and
      replace <<Index Generated Here>>. Page March 23 97 The Corel Bookstore
      is live! http://www.corel.ca/bookstore/ Check out the latest Corel
      site. It provides information on magazines, books, and journals on
      Corel products. Not too much Macintosh information yet, but we will
      work on it. Page March 24 97 We want to hear from you! Give us your
      comments and take the opportunity to write an article, macro, or tip
      and trick for the News. Submit all entries to: wpmacnews@....
      Each entry is not guaranteed to be published in the News, but we will
      definitely work with you and do our best to make sure you achieve your
      select a free CD from a stash of Corel WordPerfect CDs (selection may
      vary)? The only requirement for this free CD is to have your article
      published as the Cover Story in WPMac News. We are giving you the
      opportunity to write for us. We will select those articles that are
      informative, easy-to-read, and cover any of the features found in
      WordPerfect for the Macintosh. It’s as easy as this: • Pick a feature,
      or group of similar features, from WPMac. • Write an informative
      feature article. (Review some of the Feature Highlights from our Back
      Issues for helpful hints and guidelines). • Submit a copy of the
      article to: wpmacnews@.... Subject should be Cover Story. Please
      leave your name, address, phone, and email. Page March 25 97 • We will
      respond as soon as possible. No guarantees that your article will be
      published in the News (don’t worry, we will help as much as possible).
      • We will let you know if your article has been accepted as a Cover
      Story for the News and what month it will be featured. • Any questions,
      please send to: wpmacnews@... • We reserve the right to edit any
      part (content, format, etc.) of your article. LET OUR READERS SEE THOSE
      MACROS If writing is not your thing, but macros are...this is for you.
      We want to see what macros you have written to help with your work in
      WPMac. Submit any macro written in WordPerfect for Macintosh to
      wpmacnews@... (be sure you provide your name, address, phone, and
      email). Again, no guarantees that your macro will appear in the News.
      But, if we love your macro and think our readers will to, you will
      receive a free, snazzy WPMac mug. SUBMIT YOUR TIPS & TRICKS What is
      your favorite WPMac tip or trick? No free stuff given away for this
      one, but we will publish your name along side your entry in the News.
      Submit to wpmacnews@.... Include name, phone, and email.
      Page March 26 97 GIVE US THE SCOOP What features or questions would you
      like to see covered in the News? We want to make sure that we provide
      you the best information possible. Let us know if there is anything we
      can cover in the News that will make your life and work much simpler.
      WE AIM TO PLEASE Let us know if you like the News and if you have any
      suggestions for improvement. In case it hasn’t been mentioned enough,
      send your comments to wpmacnew Send your requests, ideas, and tips &
      tricks to us! We reserve the right to edit any material received for
      content, clarity, and length. By submitting material to the WPMac News,
      you agree to assign any and all rights, title, and interest which you
      may have to your submission material and any work Corel, Inc. derives
      from such submission material, unless otherwise specified. NOTICE
      PLEASE READ: The information in this publication is provided “as is”.
      Corel expressly disclaims all representations and warranties of any
      kind regarding the contents or use of the information including, but
      not limited to, express and implied warranties of accuracy,
      completeness, merchantability, fitness for a particular use, or
      non-infringement. In no event shall Corel be liable for any direct,
      indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including lost
      profits, lost business or lost data, resulting from the use or reliance
      upon the information, even if Corel has been advised of the possibility
      of such damages. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of
      implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.
      Copyright Corel Corporation Limited © , 1996. All rights reserved.
      s@.... Page March 27 97
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