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WP Mac News 97/02

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    February 1997 Issue 26 WPMac News is a monthly newsletter published for those who use WordPerfect for Macintosh, anyone interested in the product, and those
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2004
      February 1997 Issue 26 WPMac News is a monthly newsletter published
      for those who use WordPerfect for Macintosh, anyone interested in the
      product, and those who stumble across this newsletter and are
      captivated to read. It contains any late-breaking news, the hottest
      issues from customer support, and extensive coverage of WPMac features.
      Check out this current issue, as well as our past issues. We hope you
      find the News informative, helpful, and even entertaining. Another
      great issue coming up! Hot items to check out this month: • Cover Story
      gives you a full explanation of the Status Bar. • Interested in being a
      beta test site for us? Check out Corel Corp. • Still having problems
      updating the version of 3.5 that shipped with the CorelDRAW 6 Suite to
      the new 3.5.2? Check out Direct Questions. And as always, there is a
      lot more to enjoy! Lisa Credits Lisa Foster, Editor and Layout LaMar
      Kirby, Graphic Design and Web Master John Rethorst, Mastering Macros
      WPMac Support Team Page Feb 2 97 The Status Bar by Jared Clark Of all
      the bars available in WordPerfect, perhaps the least appreciated (and
      used) is the Status Bar. You may be surprised to find out that you can
      do more than just check the status of various features with this bar.
      All of the items on the Status Bar provide practical information and a
      few items can be double-clicked to access other WordPerfect functions!
      The Status Bar is the bar is located at the bottom of the WordPerfect
      screen. It has a pop-up menu button at the far left to toggle
      specific items on and off. Any selected item on this Page Feb 3 97 menu
      will appear on the Status Bar. Use That Bar When you first install
      WordPerfect, the Status Bar, as well as the Button Bar, Ruler Bar, and
      Control Bars (sometimes called feature bars or power bars), should
      appear on your screen. If you prefer a leaner look, they can be turned
      off individually in the Show Bars preferences. To turn any bar on or
      off: • Click on the Edit menu. • Click on Preferences. • Click on the
      Show Bars button. • Make sure there is an X next to the bars you want
      to appear on every document screen. Click on the box to the left of the
      bar name to toggle the X. Add an Item: to add any item to the Status
      Bar, click on the menu button and select the option you wish to add.
      The menu items with a checkmark are turned on and should be visible on
      the Status Bar. Some of the items will appear as a blank space when the
      corresponding function is turned off (Num Lock, Caps Lock). Page Feb
      4 97 Remove an item: unselect any unwanted item from the same menu, or
      simply click once on the item, hold down the mouse button, and drag it
      up and off the bar. Rearrange the order of the bar: select an item to
      move, click once on the item and hold down the mouse button, drag the
      item to a new location on the Status Bar and let go of the mouse
      button. So Many Options The following options are available on the
      Status Bar: QuickCorrect, Time, Read/Write, Position, Physical Page,
      Page/Line, Num Lock, Document Number, Date, Cell Number, Caps Lock,
      Battery, and Hide/Show Help. The QuickCorrect option displays whether
      or not this feature is activated. Double-clicking on the QuickCorrect
      indicator opens the QuickCorrect preferences dialog box. QuickCorrect
      is the WordPerfect feature that will correct spelling and punctuation
      on the fly, and this dialog allows you to change some of the settings.
      If you wish to add or remove words from the QuickCorrect list, you must
      select QuickCorrect from the Tools Page Feb 5 97 menu at the top of the
      WordPerfect screen. The Time and Date options displays the current time
      and date. The Read/Write indicator tells you if you are able to make
      and save modifications to the current file. If the document is
      read-only, the pencil will have a line through it . If a document is
      read-only and you want to save your changes, be sure to use Save As on
      the File menu instead of just Save. You will have to give the file a
      different name or save it in a different location, such as on a
      diskette or a different folder on your hard drive. The Position
      indicator shows the vertical and horizontal coordinates of the cursor.
      Double-clicking this item on the Status Bar opens the Environment
      preferences dialog box where many settings can be altered. One that may
      be particularly helpful is the Units menu. There you may select the
      measurement units used by this same indicator and elsewhere in
      WordPerfect. The default is set to inches. The Physical Page indicator
      is helpful if you are using page numbers and restart the numbering
      part-way through the document (i.e. You number the first five pages,
      then Page Feb 6 97 start over with another page one). This indicator
      tells you the actual page the cursor is on, regardless of what page
      number it may have been set to. Page/Line simply indicates the page and
      line numbers of the cursor position. This page indicator follows
      WordPerfect’s page numbering feature. If you double-click this
      indicator, it will open the Go To dialog box. This dialog allows you to
      move the cursor to another page, at the top or bottom of the page, or
      on the same line on that page. Go To is also found on the Edit menu.
      This status item displays the cursor position only by page and line. It
      can not be changed to display the cursor position by inches. Num Lock
      indicates the on/off status of the number lock key. This key is usually
      found just above the 7 key on the numeric keypad. To turn it off and
      on, hold down the Shift key when pressing the Num Lock key. You can
      also assign another keystroke to this function: • Click on the Edit
      menu. • Click on Preferences. • Click on the Keyboard button. Page Feb
      7 97 • Select Num Lock from the list of commands. • In the upper right
      corner you will see any current key assignments. To add another key
      assignment, click the Assign button, type the keystroke, and click
      Assign again. • Click Done and close Preferences. Document Number
      indicates the number of the current document. You may have many
      documents open simultaneously in WordPerfect. Double-clicking this
      indicator cycles through all the open document windows one by one. Cell
      Number indicates the table coordinates for the cell where the cursor is
      located. This position is also displayed along with the Page/Line
      status. Caps Lock indicates the on/off status for the caps lock key.
      The Battery option shows the battery charge. It is functional only on
      battery-powered Macs such as Powerbooks. The Hide/Show Help function
      turns the context-sensitive Page Feb 8 97 information on the bar on and
      off. This information is extremely helpful and by default is turned on.
      If you place the mouse arrow over any of the buttons on the Button Bar,
      Control Bars, or Status Bar, you will notice that an explanation for
      this item can be found in this Help area (always the far-right section
      of the Status Bar). As you can see, what at first glance appears to be
      an inconspicuous Status Bar, is in reality quite powerful. Take a look
      at the Status Bar menu and discover which options can provide useful
      information for you. Page Feb 9 97 We love his macros! In place of his
      monthly column, we will let you know where you can download John
      Rethorst’s fantastic macros for free! Many of you have already
      discovered his macros and know how useful and powerful they are. For
      those of you not using them, check out these sites, you will love what
      you find. FTP://ftp.corel.com/pub/wordperfect/wpmac/macros
      Sumex/Info-Mac archives. Sumex has almost 50 mirrors worldwide; the
      list is posted on comp.sys.mac.digest
      HyperArchive.html. A sampling of just a few macro goodies you can find
      at either of these locations: WordPerfect Auto Insert Date Text 2.0
      macro Page Feb 10 97 WordPerfect Classification 2.0.1 Macro WordPerfect
      Classification Alerts 1.0.2 WordPerfect Copy Text Only Macro
      WordPerfect Copy X of Y Copies Macro Johns WP Bookmarks 1.1 1 Johns WP
      Character Styles 1.1.1 Johns WP Citations 1.1.2 Johns WP File Manager
      2.0 Johns WP Find Recent 2.0 Johns WP Glossary 1.2 Johns WP Meta Styles
      Johns WP Note Editor Johns WP Outlining 5.1 Johns WP Previous Positions
      1.1 Johns WP Table Manager Johns WP Tip o' the Day Johns WP Tips &
      Macros Johns WP Window Manager 2.0.1 Page Feb 11 97 Meta Styles by John
      Rethorst This macro allows multiple sets of any number of style sheets,
      and you can change from one set to another with one keystroke. How does
      it work? Each of three sets can contain an unlimited number of styles.
      Set one is all your regular styles, plus any you might add in the
      future. Set two is composed of styles with names just like those of
      your regular styles, but with a bullet (•) in front. Set three’s styles
      have a hollow bullet (°) at the start of their name. The Meta Styles
      macro will look at all styles used in your document and see if any
      regular styles have counterparts with either kind of bullet in front of
      their name. If so, it changes Page Feb 12 97 the plain styles into the
      bulleted styles you select – or change either bulleted set to the other
      or to the plain names, according to your choice in this menu: Page Feb
      13 97 Attached to this newsletter you will find the read me file,
      John’s WP Meta Styles Read Me. This document contains the appropriate
      styles and macro mentioned in the read me. It also contains the
      instructions for copying this macro into your Library at the end of the
      document. Page Feb 14 97 We welcome your comments, feedback, tips &
      tricks, and questions you would like to see answered in the News at
      wpmacnews@... (technical support questions will not be answered
      here).You can send any technical support questions to
      wpsupport@.... Allow a 3-4 day turnaround. If you need live phone
      support for a WordPerfect for Macintosh product, reach us at (801)
      765-4020, Priority : $25 fee (800) 861-2410, $2 per minute (900)
      555-2233. How do you resize a graphic proportionally within
      WordPerfect? Whether in the document layer, or the Graphic layer, you
      can resize a graphic proportionally using the Shift Key. Click on the
      graphic image to select it (notice the graphic handles and border that
      appear around the image). Hold down the Shift key while using the mouse
      to resize the graphic by dragging any one of the graphic handles. Why
      isn’t my Make It Fit feature working? The Make It Fit feature will not
      work unless there is a printer selected. Use the Chooser to Page Feb
      15 97 select a printer. Go ahead and select a printer whether you are
      hooked up to one or not. This feature needs any printer selected in
      order to resize your document. How can I use the WordPerfect 3.5.2
      Updater to update WordPerfect if I cannot see any folders during the
      Updater Installation? We have seen this situation once, when a drive
      was partitioned. You can get around the problem of selecting a folder
      if you place the Updater inside the WordPerfect folder where the
      WordPerfect application icon is located. You will not be able to select
      a folder during installation, but it will update the application and
      install the necessary files to their proper locations. I have the
      CorelDRAW 6 Suite and I cannot get the WordPerfect 3.5.2 Updater to
      update my application. How can I get the Updater to work? The most
      common problem in this situation is that the application has been
      modified in such a way that the Updater will not function properly. To
      elimiate this problem, try the following: Page Feb 16 97 • Remove
      WordPerfect from the machine. • Reinstall the program with any unneeded
      Extensions and Control Panels turned off. You will need to use an
      Extension Manager (found in the System Folder|Control Panels) to turn
      off all BUT the System items, and the needed CD items. • After you have
      reinstalled WordPerfect 3.5, run the Updater before turning the
      Extensions and Control Panels back on. There have been a couple of
      situations where these steps have not worked successfully. If this is
      the case, you can copy the WordPerfect application from the CorelDRAW 6
      Suite CD onto your hard drive. You can find a complete WordPerfect
      folder on the first CD, in the Corel folder. Drag the Corel WordPerfect
      3.5 folder to your hard drive, then run the Updater to update the
      application to 3.5.2. This has always been successful. One difference
      between the version of 3.5 found on the CorelDRAW 6 Suite CD and the
      original Corel WordPerfect 3.5 CD: there are five items located on the
      CorelDRAW 6 Suite CD that are visible to the user but are invisible on
      the original 3.5 CD (whether or not you can see these items, 3.5
      functions exactly the same when installed from either CD). These items
      are: Page Feb 17 97 Control Panels folder Extensions folder Fonts
      folder Voices folder WordPerfect folder The Control Panels folder
      contains the Macintosh Easy Open Control Panel. This is a necessary
      item for use with the DataViz MacLink translators. If you have
      previously done a complete installation of WordPerfect, this item will
      already be on your machine, and you can remove this folder. The
      Extensions folder contains the Apple Guide, MacLinkPlus WordPerfect 3,
      and Speech Manager Extensions. Apple Guide is necessary to access the
      WordPerfect Guide, MacLinkPlus WordPerfect 3 is necessary for the
      conversion of Word documents, and Speech Manager is necessary to use
      the Speech option within WordPerfect. Here again, if you have
      previously done a complete installation of WordPerfect, these items
      will already be on your machine, and you can remove this folder. The
      Fonts folder contains the fonts that are installed with a complete
      installation of Page Feb 18 97 WordPerfect. You can remove this folder
      if they have already been installed on your machine. If you are looking
      to save space or you already have a very full System Fonts folder, feel
      free to glance through this folder and remove any fonts you don’t want
      to install. The Voices folder contains the voices that are used by the
      Speech feature within WordPerfect, and they are installed with a
      complete installation. The WordPerfect folder contains the Library
      (USA), Lib Tmp, and Prefs. This folder is found within the System
      Folder|Preferences folder. These Preferences items are not needed to
      allow the application to function, and when you first launch
      WordPerfect the necessary items will automatically be placed in the
      proper location on your machine. Page Feb 19 97 When using WP, most of
      us use certain features more frequently than others. For example, some
      people create many text boxes. Every time a text box is created, you
      must click on Tools|Text Box|New. However, there is already a button
      set up that covers these steps. All we need to do is add it to the
      Button Bar. To add buttons to the Button Bar, click on the very first
      button found at the front of the Button Bar . From this menu, select
      Edit. Here you will find an assortment of precreated buttons ready to
      be inserted onto your existing Button Bar. The text box button is found
      in the formatting set. It is a box with an abc inside it . Simply drag
      this button onto your existing Button Bar and close the Edit Button Bar
      dialog box. Check out other buttons. Chances are, you will find one
      with a feature that you use often. Page Feb 20 97 Sometimes, the
      Preferences or Library files can become damaged, causing WordPerfect to
      act strangely. To correct the problem, these files must be removed and
      usually trashed. When WordPerfect is restarted, these files are
      automatically recreated by WordPerfect. Only one problem -- your
      preferences are set back to default, or in the case of the Library,
      your macros, styles, custom Button Bars and keyboards could be lost. To
      ensure that this never happens, create a backup copy of the WordPerfect
      preferences folder. • Open the System Folder. • Open the Preferences
      folder. • Click once on the WordPerfect folder and select
      File|Duplicate. Another folder will be created called WordPerfect copy.
      Then, if your Preferences or Library files ever become corrupted,
      simply trash the original WordPerfect preferences folder and rename the
      WordPerfect copy folder to WordPerfect. Page Feb 21 97 In the past, I
      could select Fax Cover Sheet when I clicked on File|Templates. Now, Fax
      Cover Sheet is no longer listed under the Templates menu. Instead, I
      have to select it from the More Templates folder. How can place Fax
      Cover Sheet back on the the Templates menu? • Open the Corel
      WordPerfect 3.5 folder on your hard drive. • Open the Templates folder.
      • Open the More Templates folder. • Locate Fax Cover Sheet. • Drag this
      file out of the More Templates folder and place it directly in the
      Templates folder. Any document saved in Template format and placed in
      the Templates Folder in the Corel WordPerfect 3.5 folder will show up
      directly under the File|Templates menu. Page Feb 22 97 I have several
      endnotes that I need to edit. It is time-consuming to edit each one
      individually by clicking on Layout|Endnotes|Edit. Is there a way to
      quickly convert the endnotes to text so I can more easily edit them?
      Yes, there is a macro called Endnotes -> Text which converts your
      endnotes to text for simpler editing. It automatically converts the
      endnote numbers in your document to simple superscripted numbers.
      WARNING: Be sure that you are done editing the position of your
      endnotes before running your macro because this macro cannot be undone.
      Endnotes -> Text can be found under the Tools|Macro menu. If it is not
      found under this menu, open the Sample Macros Read Me file located in
      the Corel WordPerfect 3.5|Documentation folder and copy the macro
      through the Librarian. Page Feb 23 97 Every time I open a new document
      there is a little slash typed at the beginning of the document. I've
      tried deleting the slash, but it can not be deleted. I did not type any
      text on screen. How can I get rid of it? This slash may be typed in
      your Document Style. To check this, click on the button located
      directly above the Ruler. This exposes the Styles bar: Click on the
      button. You will now see the Edit Styles dialog box. In that dialog
      box, click on the Document Style, then click the Edit button in the
      lower right-hand corner of the box. This brings up a window at the
      bottom of the screen entitled “Library Style:Document”. Anything set in
      this window, including text, will be the default for ALL NEW documents.
      If there is unwanted text typed here, simply delete it. In this case,
      delete the slash and close the “Library Style:Document” window and the
      slash should be gone from all new documents. Page Feb 24 97 Beta Test
      Sites Wanted If you would like to be involved in a rich, fulfilling,
      and rewarding experience of beta testing the next version of WPMac,
      Corel is currently seeking beta test sites. Not only do you get to see
      and use the product before it's released, but you get the joy and
      satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to making WPMac a
      finer and more stable product. Beta Requirements. We need people with.
      . . • Mac computer (68020 or better) with System 7 or later. • CD ROM
      drive. • Web browser that supports forms (e.g., Netscape Navigator,
      America Online's web browser, etc.) Page Feb 25 97 • E-Mail • Time and
      interest in testing WPMac. • The ability to formulate clearly written
      bug reports, describing what you did and what happened. If interested
      and qualified, please apply today! Check out the application form at:
      http://eng.corel.com **Please note: not every applicant will be
      accepted as a beta test site. Page Feb 26 97 We want to hear from you!
      Give us your comments and take the opportunity to write an article,
      macro, or tip and trick for the News. Submit all entries to:
      wpmacnews@.... Each entry is not guaranteed to be published in
      the News, but we will definitely work with you and do our best to make
      sure you achieve your WPMac News debut. WRITE FOR US AND SEE YOUR NAME
      IN LIGHTS Want to select a free CD from a stash of Corel WordPerfect
      CDs (selection may vary)? The only requirement for this free CD is to
      have your article published as the Cover Story in WPMac News. We are
      giving you the opportunity to write for us. We will select those
      articles that are informative, easy-to-read, and cover any of the
      features found in WordPerfect for the Macintosh. It’s as easy as this:
      • Pick a feature, or group of similar features, from WPMac. • Write an
      informative feature article. (Review some of the Feature Highlights
      from our Back Issues for helpful hints and guidelines). • Submit a copy
      of the article to: wpmacnews@.... Subject should be Cover Story.
      Please leave your name, address, phone, and email. Page Feb 27 97 • We
      will respond as soon as possible. No guarantees that your article will
      be published in the News (don’t worry, we will help as much as
      possible). • We will let you know if your article has been accepted as
      a Cover Story for the News and what month it will be featured. • Any
      questions, please send to: wpmacnews@... • We reserve the right
      to edit any part (content, format, etc.) of your article. LET OUR
      READERS SEE THOSE MACROS If writing is not your thing, but macros
      are...this is for you. We want to see what macros you have written to
      help with your work in WPMac. Submit any macro written in WordPerfect
      for Macintosh to wpmacnews@... (be sure you provide your name,
      address, phone, and email). Again, no guarantees that your macro will
      appear in the News. But, if we love your macro and think our readers
      will to, you will receive a free, snazzy WPMac mug. SUBMIT YOUR TIPS &
      TRICKS What is your favorite WPMac tip or trick? No free stuff given
      away for this one, but we will publish your name along side your entry
      in the News. Submit to wpmacnews@.... Include name, phone, and
      email. Page Feb 28 97 GIVE US THE SCOOP What features or questions
      would you like to see covered in the News? We want to make sure that we
      provide you the best information possible. Let us know if there is
      anything we can cover in the News that will make your life and work
      much simpler. WE AIM TO PLEASE Let us know if you like the News and if
      you have any suggestions for improvement. In case it hasn’t been
      mentioned enough, send your comments to wpmacnew Send your requests,
      ideas, and tips & tricks to us! We reserve the right to edit any
      material received for content, clarity, and length. By submitting
      material to the WPMac News, you agree to assign any and all rights,
      title, and interest which you may have to your submission material and
      any work Corel, Inc. derives from such submission material, unless
      otherwise specified. NOTICE PLEASE READ: The information in this
      publication is provided “as is”. Corel expressly disclaims all
      representations and warranties of any kind regarding the contents or
      use of the information including, but not limited to, express and
      implied warranties of accuracy, completeness, merchantability, fitness
      for a particular use, or non-infringement. In no event shall Corel be
      liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential
      damages, including lost profits, lost business or lost data, resulting
      from the use or reliance upon the information, even if Corel has been
      advised of the possibility of such damages. Some jurisdictions do not
      allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may
      not apply to you. Copyright Corel Corporation Limited © , 1996. All
      rights reserved. s@.... Page Feb 29 97
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