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WP Mac News 95/07 Extra

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    Mid-July 1995 What’s New with… WordPerfect 3.1 for Macintosh received tremendous acclaim from critics and users alike. More and more Mac users are
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      Mid-July 1995 What’s New with… WordPerfect 3.1 for Macintosh received
      tremendous acclaim from critics and users alike. More and more Mac
      users are switching to WordPerfect because of its ease of use, speed,
      cross-platform compatibility, and reasonable memory demands. Now,
      WordPerfect 3.5 is in the works. It’s scheduled for release in August
      1995. We wanted to give WordPerfect Mac News readers the first peek at
      the new stuff. Of course, since the version isn’t final yet, some
      things may change from the way you see them here. The features
      discussed in this article are the ones slated for inclusion in version
      3.5. New features for WordPerfect 3.5! HTML Conversion & Internet
      Publishing Tools Envelopes BookMark and Hyperlink Make It Fit Ability
      to “Speak” Text New DataViz Conversion Filters New Interface Highlights
      Questions You’re Just Itching to Ask Check out Novell’s press release
      for WordPerfect 3.5! Click on an item to see a description. WordPerfect
      Mac News Extra , July 1995 HTML Conversion & Internet Publishing Tools
      One of the most exciting new features of WordPerfect 3.5 is the
      addition of a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) conversion. The World
      Wide Web (WWW) is growing at an explosive rate. Many people are
      finding themselves either wanting or needing to create pages to
      advertise a business, create WWW content, or just be a part of this
      fascinating new method of transporting data. To that end, WordPerfect
      3.5 will make creating HTML formatted pages as easy as a pop-up menu
      and a few mouse clicks. You'll be able to mark text as headings,
      lists, plain text, and many other HTML standard types. When you use
      the HTML export capabilities, much of the formatting will be converted
      directly to HTML, with no need to mark it yourself. This includes
      paragraph breaks, tables, and many others. Netscape Navigator and
      Envoy Viewer are included. Envelopes The task of printing envelopes has
      been automated for WordPerfect 3.5. The “Print Envelope” dialog shows
      what your envelope will look like when it’s printed. With the new
      Envelopes feature, you can: • Bring addresses from your documents right
      into the Print Envelope dialog, and save them there. • Control their
      font and size. • Merge multiple envelopes in from a data file and print
      them all. • Put bar codes above or below your address. • Configure for
      a variety of envelope sizes and printer types. It’s flexible, and easy
      to use. WordPerfect Mac News Extra , July 1995 BookMark and Hyperlink
      Bookmarks are also a great addition. Create several bookmarks in a
      document, and they will appear in a pop-up menu, ready to be accessed.
      Hyperlinking will greatly extend the power of WordPerfect 3.5. You can
      send your readers to different parts of your document, or to different
      documents altogether, with just a click. When creating a Hyperlink you
      will have three choices: Document, Internet, and Macro. Choosing
      Document will allow you to link to a bookmark in the current document,
      or in another. Internet will create a link to another internet page.
      Macro will execute any macro in your library. Make It Fit Make It Fit
      is a feature that adjusts your document to the number of pages you
      want. Let’s say that you have a six-page document, and it can only be
      five pages long. What do you delete? Nothing. You let WordPerfect do
      the adjustments! It’s as simple as going to the layout menu and
      selecting the Make It Fit option. You decide how many pages you want in
      your document. It can be more pages or fewer pages. You can change the
      Font, Line Spacing or Margins. You can also select which items not to
      change. Then click OK. A little tuck here, a little tuck there and
      viola! You have the number of pages you wanted. WordPerfect Mac
      News Extra , July 1995 Ability to “Speak” Text WordPerfect continues to
      offer the leading support of Apple technologies by adding support for
      PlainTalk. You can select text and then have WordPerfect repeat that
      text back to you in the voice of your choice. You must first have
      MacinTalk 2 or MacinTalk Pro loaded (depending on your system), in
      addition to Speech Manager and its Voices. Once you have the software,
      you open/create a document, select a voice and press the button. Hear
      it go! This feature is excellent for the vision impaired or for someone
      who wants to “listen” to their document out loud. Let the computer talk
      back to your kids to assist in reading. Use it to proofread documents.
      Here’s a quote from a user who tried the Speech function: Text to
      Speech is a fantastic way to proofread a document. I was working on my
      term paper, and I had the Macintosh read it to me. I caught several
      mistakes that I had missed when writing. Other times, I thought, ‘Oh,
      that doesn’t flow,’ and I made changes. It was really helpful. New
      DataViz Conversion Filters WordPerfect 3.1 shipped with the Word
      4.0-5.1 conversion filters from DataViz. In addition to the regular
      conversion filters that WordPerfect already has, version 3.5 is
      shipping with the DataViz filters for… • Microsoft Word 6 • ClarisWorks
      4 You’ll be able to read files from these programs, and export
      WordPerfect files into these formats. It’s never been easier to work
      with documents between applications. WordPerfect Mac News Extra , July
      1995 New Interface Highlights WordPerfect 3.5 brings several
      improvements to make the interface even more intuitive and easier to
      use. Here are some screen shots of the new ruler. Notice the new
      gripper pads on the margin controls. Controls like these make it even
      easier to adjust columns and table widths. There’s also
      “Pre-Selection.” Here’s how it works. Point to a margin control. It
      turns dark, so you’ll know you ‘got it.’ Point to a tab on your ruler.
      It turns dark, so you’ll know you can drag it around. Point to a
      button. It gets surrounded by a dark box. No more guessing as to what
      you’re clicking. The interface elements are designed to look smooth.
      They’re easy on the eyes, which is nice when you’re typing for long
      stretches. Questions You’re Just Itching to Ask • Will I have to
      convert all my existing WordPerfect 3.0 or 3.1 documents? No. There is
      no difference in the file format between WordPerfect 3.0, 3.1, and 3.5.
      You can just open up your old documents and use them. • How much memory
      does WordPerfect 3.5 take? WordPerfect 3.5 requires 2MB of available
      RAM (no more than versions 3.0 or 3.1, amazingly), and about 9MB (11MB
      for Power Mac) of hard drive space for the whole package, though you
      can install less. You should have a Plus or better with a hard drive,
      and System 6.0.7. • When is it due for release, and how can I order?
      WordPerfect 3.5 is scheduled for release in August 1995. You can order
      an upgrade from a previous version of WordPerfect by calling the Sales
      line at WordPerfect: (800) 321-4566. WordPerfect Mac News Extra , July
      1995 Scroll down to see the full press release. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
      Innovations and Technologies for Internet Publishing, Greater
      Performance and Ease of Use OREM, Utah — July 17, 1995 — Novell ® ,
      Inc. today announced WordPerfect ® 3.5 for the Macintosh, the first
      word processor to provide Internet publishing and editing capabilities
      for Macintosh users. WordPerfect 3.5 for the Macintosh, the fastest,
      most “Maccompatible” word processor available, enables users to create
      and edit Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents and use the
      included Netscape Navigator browser to navigate the World Wide Web.
      Other innovative technologies in the product include textto-speech and
      new automation features that make the product simpler and easier to
      use. WordPerfect 3.5 for the Macintosh continues to offer greater
      support for Apple technologies than other Macintosh word processors,
      allowing Macintosh users to maximize the strengths of the Macintosh
      operating system. New in WordPerfect 3.5 are speed enhancements, the
      ability to “speak” text using MacinTalk, Bookmarks with “hot links,”
      Make it Fit, Easy Envelopes and more than 85 document templates.
      “WordPerfect 3.5 for the Macintosh offers the best price/performance
      value of any word processor on the market and we are finding more and
      more Microsoft Word users are choosing WordPerfect,” said Mark Calkins,
      vice president and general manager of Novell’s Business Applications.
      “WordPerfect 3.5 takes advantage of the strategy and tools we have
      developed for bringing Internet publishing and document interchange
      into the mainstream—WordPerfect 3.5 is more than just a word processor,
      it’s now a communication tool.” First Macintosh Word Processor with
      Complete Internet Publishing Tools WordPerfect 3.5 is the first
      Macintosh word processor to make Internet publishing as easy for users
      as simple word processing. With the new Internet publishing tools,
      building and maintaining a Home Page is a snap, as users can import and
      export documents from the Internet without having to use a separate
      difficult-to-use HTML editor. Users can convert WordPerfect documents
      to the HTML format or view any Internet document WordPerfect Mac
      News Extra , July 1995 (with the appropriate Internet connectivity
      software) using the included Netscape Navigator browser. In addition,
      any combination of graphics, video and fonts can be viewed using the
      included Novell Envoy viewer. Bookmarks Simplify Information Management
      in Documents Bookmarks enable users to create “hot links,” which link
      parts of a document to other places in the same document or to specific
      locations in completely different documents. For example, a report on
      population growth could contain a bookmark linked to a second document
      containing U.S. Census data. By clicking on the bookmark, the user is
      brought directly to the linked census information. Bookmarks can link
      to Internet Uniform Resource Locator (URL) addresses on the World Wide
      Web or to non-Internet documents. Ability to “Speak” Text WordPerfect
      3.5 is also the first word processor to integrate MacinTalk, the
      text-tospeech capabilities developed by Apple. MacinTalk allows users
      to select a document or block of text and have it spoken by their
      Macintosh for easy proofreading or to bring presentations or
      demonstrations to life. Automatic Page Adjustment with Make It Fit To
      eliminate users’ frustrations with manually adjusting documents to fit
      on a specific number of pages using trial and error, WordPerfect 3.5
      includes the Make It Fit tool. To fit text onto the required number of
      pages, Make It Fit automatically adjusts the margins, font size, line
      height and spacing. Make It Fit is ideal for projects such as a letter,
      which must fit on one page of company stationary, or for any other
      document where there are space restrictions. “I used to be a Microsoft
      Word user until I switched to WordPerfect 3.5,” said Peter Weil, Ph.D.
      candidate at the University of Wisconsin, who worked with the beta
      version of WordPerfect 3.5. “WordPerfect 3.5 surpasses the competition
      with more advanced performance features and speed. Currently, I am
      writing my Ph.D. dissertation and some of the new functions in
      WordPerfect 3.5 such as Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, Make It Fit and various
      templates helped me considerably in preparing my thesis.” WordPerfect
      Mac News Extra , July 1995 Other New Features for Greater Ease of Use
      The new ruler interface in WordPerfect 3.5 is now more streamlined,
      improving the visual impact and usability of the ruler. Envelopes are
      now simple and easy to print. The new Easy Envelope function provides
      an on-screen picture of the envelope, making placement of information
      simple. Also, users can now merge files for bulk printing of envelopes.
      More than 85 new templates are also included with WordPerfect 3.5,
      which automate functions and make them easier to perform. Pricing and
      Availability WordPerfect 3.5 for the Macintosh is available on disk and
      CD-ROM at a much lower price than previous versions of the product. The
      new deluxe CD-ROM version includes “extras” not included in the disk
      version such as Envoy 1.0, the portable document publisher and viewer;
      AppWare 1.2, a cross-application integration tool; and additional
      templates, macros and clip art. The suggested retail price is $189, and
      a full upgrade package will be available for the suggested retail price
      of $89. The upgrade price is available to users upgrading from any
      previous WordPerfect version (any platform), any competing word
      processor, or any Works or Macintosh suite product. WordPerfect 3.5
      will be available in August 1995. The business of Novell, Inc.
      (NASDAQ:NOVL) is connecting people with other people and the
      information they need, enabling them to act on it anytime, anyplace.
      Novell is the world's leading network software provider. The company’s
      software products provide the distributed infrastructure, network
      services, advanced network access and network applications required to
      make networked information and computing an integral part of everyone’s
      daily life. For more information on WordPerfect for the Macintosh, call
      Novell’s Business Applications Division, at (800) 451-5151 WordPerfect
      is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. All other brand and product
      names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective
      companies. Contact: Gina Trausch Andy Pool Brodeur & Partners,
      Inc. Brodeur & Partners, Inc. (617) 622-2839 (617) 622-2837 E-mail:
      718-5047@... apool@...
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