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8342{Disarmed} Re: [wpmac] Getting going with sheepshaver

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  • Gilbert, Geoff
    Aug 31, 2014
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      One route between OSX and ShSh is via the Unix disk. If ShSh has been set up in standard mode, then the Unix Disk is actually the Documents folder inside your Home folder. In OSX, create a folder in there called whatever you wish, but Adobe Fonts seems a good idea. The start up ShSh and open the Unix Drive. You should see the Adobe Fonts folder. Then open your ShSh startup disk and navigate to the System Folder. In there you should see a Fonts folder. Drag across from the Adobe Fonts folder on the Unix Drive all the files you want to use in ShSh. Close ShSh and reboot and that should mean you see them in WP.

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      On 31 Aug 2014, at 00:22, Michael Luskin michael.benjamin.luskin@... [wordperfectmac] <wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I want to thank everyone for their good, sage, and, most important, correct, advice on my upgrade to OS 10.9.  I gave myself the best advice, which was to ask my son to set things up for me.  He just graduated from college, and was the senior systems and computing student assistant.  He once connected a refrigerator to the Internet, so he had little trouble setting up sheepshaver.  

      He says that he understands how to print, which is great.  

      The only things left to do:

       move files into the sheepshaver window from a flash drive.

      I bought a number of fonts from Adobe years ago.  They arrived on a floppy disk.  I have them on the G4, but have no idea how to install them on either the OS X or the sheepshaver side of the new machine.  Is it simply as easy as copying them from the G4 onto the flash drive, getting them into sheepshaver and somehow installing the fonts?

      I assume that, using sheepshaver, I can run any of my old applications that ran in classic...  I have one or two.  

      My curiosity is aroused on several fronts.  I am going to spend some time on the files section just reading.  I am curious how things work.  For instance, there must be operators on the Intel platform that do not exist on the old ones, and therefore there must be errors.  How does sheepshaver handle that?  Is sheepshaver a hardware emulator?  If so it is incredible that John Rethorst did it. No matter what, it is incredible, and I am very grateful to the people that have done this work.  

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