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8307Re: [wpmac] how do I get to the web site

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  • John Joseph McVeigh
    Aug 5, 2014
      On Tue, 5 Aug 2014 16:50:01 -0400, Michael Luskin michael.benjamin.luskin@... [wordperfectmac] wrote:

      > i have been a yahoogroups member for more than fifteen years, belong
      > to several yahoogroups, and have been a moderator for several groups.
      > My yahoo ID has been deactivated. I am told it was because i used it
      > so rarely. I am looking into getting it back. Now i would like to get
      > to the wordperfectmac website to download some files, in particular
      > the sheepshaver installation file. What is the URL for a non - yahoo
      > person?
      > I have happily used wordperfect under Classic on my G4. I am now
      > replacing the G4, even though it does everything that I need, since an
      > increasing number of web sites are demanding a newer browser than I
      > can run on OS 10.4.11. I am going to buy my son's MacBook Pro and he
      > is going to buy a new machine. He is also going to recreate my G4
      > environment on the new machine.
      > I am somewhat daunted by the discussion on this list. Is it hard to
      > download, install and maintain sheepshaver and wordperfect running
      > under it? Classic has been flawless for the seven or eight years I
      > have used it, and I have had to learn and do nothing. Right now I
      > move back and forth between OS X and Classic applications by simply
      > clicking on a window or an icon, I don't know or care if if my Gmail
      > runs on OSX or on Classic, I bounce back and forth between systems and
      > applications hundreds of times a day, copy and paste, and so forth.
      > .(I just looked, Gmail is under OSX.)
      > Thoughts?

      I suspect that the simplest thing to do would be to create a new Yahoo profile (Yahoo ID), and then use that Yahoo profile to subscribe to this list. Once your subscription has been approved, you will be able to access the Files section, <https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/wordperfectmac/files>.

      You could set that new subscription to No Email so that you do not end up with duplicate copies of list traffic.

      John Joseph McVeigh
      Butler, Maryland USA
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