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8289Macro to delete duplicate table rows

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  • John Rethorst
    Jul 16, 2014
      Table Delete Duplicate Rows

      Many tables with data from the web or other sources may have duplicate adjoining rows. This macro deletes those. Your insertion point must be within a table you want to check.

      John R.

      If (!InTableFlag)
      Alert ("Your insertion point must be within a table.")
      Go (End)
      End If
      On Error (end)
      Assign (Var00;1)
      While (InTableFlag)
      Position To Cell (TableID;TableColumnNum;Var00)
      Select TableRow
      Assign (Var01;Clipboard)
      Down ()
      Down ()
      Select TableRow
      If (Var01=Clipboard)
      Delete Row (1)
      Assign (Var00;Var00+1)
      End If
      End While
      Label (end)
      Display (On)
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