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8283WP for Mac on other platforms including Linux

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  • dw861
    Jul 14, 2014
      I am inspired by Thomas Rostafinski's message about SheepShaver under Windows! 

      Of course there is a Linux variant of SheepShaver, so it is also possible to run "WordPefect for Macintosh" on Linux machines.  WP for Mac, under SheepShaver, has been an occasional topic of conversation on the still active "WordPerfect for Linux" newsgroup.  That newsgroup can be accessed by pointing your newsreader (such as Thunderbird) to:


      The newsgroup's main focus is the circa 1999 version 8 of 'WordPerfect for Linux', long since abandoned by Corel like its WP for Mac sibling.  

      If running WP for Mac, under Linux, is too off topic for this wonderful yahoo group, it would certainly be welcome over on the WordPerfect_Linux newsgroup. 

      Best wishes,


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