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  • Gilbert, Geoff
    Jul 13, 2014
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      Reading Thomas’ email reminded me that I had not responded. I think one of the things that needs to be highlighted is the ease of outputting the WP document as either a .pdf file or a .doc file. Those two formats are now standard except in a few particular settings (e.g. some US court systems still demand WP, I believe). Thus, although everyone I write for wants a .doc file, I still work in WP for the precise control it gives me and then “Save As” at the end. I would also highlight how the keyboard can so readily be remapped to whatever you want.
      If you want to indicate a limitation, if you have auto generated cross-references in footnotes, 'Save As' loses the number - my guess is that this will not be a major headache for most people ….
      Geoff Gilbert
      Professor of Law
      Joint Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Refugee Law
      School of Law and Human Rights Centre
      University of Essex
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      CO4 3SQ
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      On 13 Jul 2014, at 22:01, 'Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.' TJRostaf@... [wordperfectmac] <wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi, John.  A new edition of your book sounds like a great idea.

      You will of course be covering SheepShaver and the various ways of
      getting material into and out of WP (your print/PDF routine, saving as
      RTF or Word 6 files, saving as WPWin as well as opening WPWin files, and
      also making Stuffit archives that can survive the trip through Windows
      and other platforms).

      One thing I have found useful with SS is the ability to use WPMac on
      Windows machines.  It has worked for me in Win2000, WinXP, and now Win7.
       (Emaculation contributors find SS to work in Win8, though WP is not
      mentioned, and I have no experience with Win8.)  What I discovered is
      that a new Mac OS disc does not need to be created in Windows; a disc
      that has worked in Mac OS X can simply be copied over to the PC, .dmg
      extension and all, and will work once SSWin is installed and the Windows
      GUI pointed to it.  And if (in the GUI) you enable the My Computer link
      to the Win file structure, aliases to specific folders on the PC,
      including (for example) DropBox and one that I call "transfer print,"
      are more robust than aliases to folders or symbolic links in the Unix
      folder in Mac OS X.  I have found the latter to lose their connections
      to their originals over time.

      I use Stuffit archives (created with DropStuff 5.1, which I had
      providentially paid for years ago) to transfer files into and out of
      SSWin.  Print output is via postscript files, easily created with
      AdobePS or LaserWriter 8.  PDF Creator is an open source Windows app
      that does a good job of converting .ps files to PDF's.  I have also at
      times exported to Word 6, which I'm told even the latest versions of
      Office can open if you navigate to them from within the application
      (though I also have MacLink Plus 10 installed in SS, which can convert
      to Word 97 through Word 2004 .doc files).

      WP keystrokes can be a little problematic in Win7 (in Win2000 I had no
      problems with WP keyboard shortcuts, and in WinXP only a few).  This is
      where WP's flexibility really came in handy.  Key combinations that use
      the option key do not all work using the window key on a PC's keyboard
      (some do work).  Most bothersome for me was the inability to use
      option-arrow to jump by words or by screens.  My workaround has been to
      designate another set of keystrokes using command-shift (alt-shift on
      the PC keyboard) with function keys: F9 to go back one word (like
      option-left arrow), F10 forward one word, F11 to select one word back
      (like shift-option-left arrow), and F12 to select one word forward.  I
      had to set these up as macros on my Mac, then use the Librarian transfer
      them over to SS on PC in a WP document.  They are a little more hassle,
      but they work.  This way, if I have down time at the medical center, I
      can work on other stuff in WP on the PC's available to me there without
      having to bring my Mac.

      John, I like your practice of including macros verbatim in your Tips and
      Macros, rather than attaching them as macros ready to import into our
      own libraries.  It forces us to learn at least a little more about
      macros.  Hope you will do that in your new edition.  FWIW, I use some of
      your macros all the time: Previous Position (though it seems not to work
      in SSWin; permanent bookmarks do), Date/Time (which I had no difficulty
      modifying to include the European date formats I like), Soft Return,
      Highlight, Magnification, Paragraph Up and Paragraph Down, Strip Line
      Feeds, Smart-Plain Quotes, and "lettesr switchde," as well as your
      simplified Find command.

      HTH.  Tom

      Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
      Licensed Clinical Psychologist
      1140 Lake Street, Suite 508
      Oak Park, IL 60301-1053
      (708) 848-1611
      fax (708) 848-1436

      Posted by: "Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D." <tjrostaf@...>


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