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8261Re: [wpmac] WP's graphics editor

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  • mxytsplyk
    Jun 3, 2014
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      It is a nice program. Every time I think I've reached it's limits, I find I haven't. Wish I could say that about more products.

      "John Rethorst johnrethorst@... [wordperfectmac]" <wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      I was poking around MS Word for the Mac the other day, and couldn't
      find a graphics editor. Word used to have one; did they take it out?
      I found "Word Art", a stylized font and integrated clip art utility.
      But not an editor.

      I don't do a lot of graphic work, but I do some. I appreciate WP's
      tool set, including Bezier curves one review called the equal of
      Adobe Illustrator's.

      The history of Mac graphics has gone from MacPaint, rudimentary if
      revolutionary for its time, through Canvas (how much coffee could
      their development team have gone through for that feature set?)
      through Adobe Illustrator, with ultra-high-end capability, learning
      curve, and price.

      Seashore, a derivative of GIMP for OSX, shows promise, but its web
      site says the latest version, 0.5.1, may contain bugs so be sure to
      work on copies. Or download the latest _stable_ version (emphasis
      theirs), which is 0.1.9. GIMP itself is now available as OSX native;
      I don't know how stable that is.

      Where's the competent but not overwhelming vector graphics program,
      with extensive (and recordable!) scripting support?

      Why, right here.

      Nice program we have.

      John R.

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