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8257Re: How can I reinstall?

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  • jrethorst
    May 16, 2014
      Good advice, although I've improved some things since Install v. 1.1. If the issue's still there, I'd try:

      1. Archive ShSh-WP.dsk in SheepShaver_folder if it has files you want to keep (the Free Backup program backs up everything in the Documents folder of the WordPerfect folder, and/or any other folders you set on the ShSh-WP disk, to OSX, so you may not need to archive the disk).

      2. Restart your Mac.

      3. Open the SheepShaver-WP 2.0.3 dmg. In SheepShaver_folder, there's an app named SheepShaver-WP Uninstall. Run that.

      4. Reinstall.

      John R.
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