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8256Re: [wpmac] How can I reinstall?

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  • J.J. McVeigh
    May 16, 2014
      On 16 May 2014 03:06:55 -0700, jpkotor@... [wordperfectmac] wrote:

      > My Sheepshaver install messed up, I tried removing the files from
      > [/Users/Shared] and reinstalling, but I get this error:
      > <http://s30.postimg.org/9mb4e48tt/Untitled.png>
      > How do I fix this?

      From a quick look in the archive of list traffic, it appears that
      someone else had a somewhat similar issue. Please see:

      Is there a folder named Shared in the Users folder? If not, there
      should be. Create one if one is not already there. If the folder
      already exists, you might want to Repair Permissions on the disk
      Macintosh HD using Disk Utility.

      On a separate topic, it looks like the name of your hard drive is
      Macintosh HD. That is the default name that Apple uses when setting up
      the machine at the factory. It is a good idea, for security purposes,
      to change the name of that hard drive. The idea is to make it a little
      harder for would-be hackers who work on the common (and often accurate)
      assumption that people leave the name of the hard drive in the
      factory-default condition.

      J.J. McVeigh
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