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8222Re: [wpmac] Opening WPD Files on my Mac

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  • John Joseph McVeigh
    May 1, 2014
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      I think this thread has run its course.

      As one of the list moderators, I've just rejected a message because I see no point to continuing to thrash this out. It is getting unduly personal.
      The respective parties have made their points. Let's move on.

      The original poster knows what options are available to him, and what various members' ideas are about the best way to approach the issue.

      If someone has a purely technical point that he or she wants to make, without vitriol, about the best way to handle files generated by Word Perfect for Windows, I or one of the other mods will consider it on its merits. But let's do without name calling, casting aspersions on people's intelligence, accusations of parsimony, etc., etc., etc.


      John Joseph McVeigh
      Butler, Maryland USA
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