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8215Re: [wpmac] Opening WPD Files on my Mac

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  • Chad Smith
    May 1, 2014
      Randy B. Singer <randy@...> wrote:
      There is a reason that NeoOffice can get away with charging a modest $10 when its competitors are free.

      The reason is ignorance.  Most people who find NeoOffice on the App Store have no idea LibreOffice and OpenOffice exist.

      And who would pay for the right to bugtest someone's work for them?  That's exactly what NeoOffice expects its users to do.

      "Since NeoOffice is tested by users, we expect that users will find crashing or other serious bugs. We strongly recommend that you save your work frequently so that if you encounter a crashing bug, you will not lose much data. If you feel that you need software that has been heavily tested, we recommend that you use a commercially-supported product like Microsoft Office or Apple iWork."

      That advice would make sense for free software - like LibreOffice or OpenOffice - but not something you pay for.

      If LO or OO was in the App Store (which would cost them money) then no one would use NeoOffice.

      And how do you know that $10 will not be recharged for the next upgrade (the update which is basically NeoOffice taking the code that is freely available from Libre or OpenOffice, which ever one he's forking).  Or maybe next time it will be $15.  Or $20.  Or $199.

      Neo might be "updated all the time" - but it will ALWAYS be behind LO / OO - because it is taking their work and porting it into his skin.

      It is a scam, pure and simple.  He's charging for free software.  Is that legal?  Yes.  But it doesn't mean I will ever promote it.

      Mostly, though, I hate the guy's attitude.  He makes it seem like he's doing something altristic and valuable, when all he is doing is making money off of other people's hard work.  If he was just honest about that - "I'm charging for the work I do to make the highlight color different and putting it in the App Store." Then fine - let people pay their $10 for the convenience of the App Store.  But don't make it sound like he's putting all this hard work into creating something that he did not in any way shape or form create, or even help create.

      - Chad W. Smith 
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