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8124Re: [wpmac] computer upgrade

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  • Gilbert, Geoff
    Feb 6, 2014
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      Dear All
      My reference to “plugins” was causing confusion - I was thinking of the sort of add-in to a program such as Photoshop or the extensions one might have for Safari or Chrome or the like. Things that increase the functionality of the program. The things I was thinking of for WPMac are found in the Files section at Yahoo (sign in, find “Files” in the tabs) and there are a whole plethora of useful things that you can incorporate into the WPMac experience, including OSX lookUp.sit that allows you to look up selected text in WP in OSX’s Dictionary (amongst other things) or WP->OSX Browser 1.0.1.zip that supports web links from WP to OSX browsers.
      The great thing about what John and Ed have created is that once installed, you never need to think about how WPMac is running in OSX - the one thing I cannot find is the add-in (of whatever sort) that lets you double click an old WPMac file while in OSX’s Finder and it launches Sheepshaver and WPMac.
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      On 6 Feb 2014, at 13:53, em315@...<mailto:em315@...> wrote:

      As you saw from another message, the phrase about "plug-ins" worried another user who thought things would have to be added to the systems in order to make them work. Perhaps you could explain to that user that you meant nothing of the sort. What I think you are trying to say (I may be mistaken) is something like this: "Depending on whether your original file are WPMac files or not, you may simply be able to click on those files to open them in SheepShaver and WP."

      By a "plug-in" I think you meant "the resource fork of the document file" but this is something that only experts know about, and most non-technical Mac users will only be confused and worried by a reference to it.
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