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  • John Rethorst
    Feb 6, 2014
      Michael Luskin wrote:

      This is what I was afraid of. I did not realize that there were two
      versions of sheepshaver, and I have no idea how to choose between
      them. Which do most people use?

      I don't know which most people use, but I'd suggest trying both and seeing which you like better (as Geoff said, both work fine).

      What are plugins, where do I get them, what do they do.

      Both SheepShaver packages contain everything you need, and installation of both is very easy.

      I have read on this list about partitions, etc.

      That's not a concern here.

      I have a couple of minor programs that use classic, will they be
      part of the sheepshaver install, will they still work?

      They will not be part of the SS install as such, but you can easily add them, and they should still work fine. After you've installed SS, in OS X drag your programs to the Documents folder of your Home folder (which has as its name your user name). Then switch to SS, go to the Unix folder, where you'll see your programs. Drag them onto the SS disk window (not just the desktop). At that point you should be able to double-click them and run them as usual.

      When you say
      that I can print directly to the OSX printer, does that mean that I
      can print just as I do now?


      What exactly is plain text and what are
      the implications of using it.

      Plain text has no character-level formatting, i.e. no italics, bold or underline.

      I frequently cut and paste between gmail
      and wordperfect, does plaintext have any implications for that?


      Thank you. As I implied in my first post, twenty - five years ago,
      the great advantage of Apple computers was that one did NOT have to be
      a computer expert,one did NOT need to know much, one needed mostly to
      be able to type and point and click.

      Our SheepShaver installs are almost that easy, and maintain a continuity of Mac usage and files that a large number of users find productive and helpful.

      John R.
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