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8119Re: computer upgrade

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  • Michael Luskin
    Feb 5, 2014
      Geoff Gilbert wrote:

      <<<I am assuming that the MBP will be running an OS without Classic.
      As such, you will need either John's or Ed's install of Sheepshaver.
      Either is fine and up to you which you prefer. Double click and follow
      the instructions. After that, given some of the plug-ins, you can
      click on a WP file and it will launch SheepShaver and then WP. You can
      print directly to the OSX printer. The only pain is cut and paste
      between WordOSX and WPShSh - you have to use plain text.

      This is what I was afraid of. I did not realize that there were two
      versions of sheepshaver, and I have no idea how to choose between
      them. Which do most people use? What are plugins, where do I get
      them, what do they do. I have read on this list about partitions,
      etc. I have a couple of minor programs that use classic, will they be
      part of the sheepshaver install, will they still work? When you say
      that I can print directly to the OSX printer, does that mean that I
      can print just as I do now? What exactly is plain text and what are
      the implications of using it. I frequently cut and paste between gmail
      and wordperfect, does plaintext have any implications for that?

      Thank you. As I implied in my first post, twenty - five years ago,
      the great advantage of Apple computers was that one did NOT have to be
      a computer expert,one did NOT need to know much, one needed mostly to
      be able to type and point and click. I remember that the install disk
      set (floppy disks) for OS 5 was 5 floppy disks. I'm jes sittin on the
      porch in my rockin chair thinkin about the good old days afore the
      Washington politicians made computers complicated.

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