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8117Re: styled text on clipboard in SheepShaver

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  • John Rethorst
    Feb 5, 2014
      This is interesting because, when I first looked at how SheepShaver and WP could work, I think I remember finding that styled text copied both ways. I never used that feature, but just tried it again after reading this, and found that I could copy styled text in OSX (in TextEdit) and it would paste as styled text in WP in SheepShaver but, going the other way, only plain text came through. I'm mystified, and will investigate further. Any reports of other experiences with styled text are welcome.

      (By "styled text" I mean character-level attribute formatting such as italics and bold and choice of font.)

      John R.

      I am assuming that the MBP will be running an OS without Classic. As such, you will need either John’s or Ed’s install of Sheepshaver. Either is fine and up to you which you prefer. Double click and follow the instructions. After that, given some of the plug-ins, you can click on a WP file and it will launch SheepShaver and then WP. You can print directly to the OSX printer. The only pain is cut and paste between WordOSX and WPShSh - you have to use plain text.
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