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8112computer upgrade

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  • Michael Luskin
    Feb 4, 2014
      i am very happy to say that I never have to post to this list, because
      my WP under classic is so solid.

      One of the reasons i bought my SE back in 1989 was that it was so easy
      to use, and I still like that. I don't want to know anything about
      how this machine works. However the underlying machine is pretty
      complex. However the time has come for me to replace this 733 mhz G4,
      running 10.4. I am probably going to take my son's MacBook Pro. The
      reason is that my browser is complaining more and more, so I have to
      do it. What do I need to read in order to move my WP to a new
      machine? Is it possible for someone who doesn't know a partition from
      a start up disk, and does not want to, to install WP onto the new
      machine, or is this the time to grumble and start to use Word full
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