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8079Yahoo web site troubles

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  • jrethorst
    Dec 13, 2013

      While the Yahoo group web interface appears to be improving, it’s slow, and still frustrating. I don’t know what the total membership of Yahoo groups is, but it’s huge (I understand the largest group, an announce-only one about some new-age health alternative, has half a million members). I’m disappointed that Yahoo hasn’t fixed the site yet. 

      Fortunately, the email interface hasn’t changed, and so is much better. You can send messages to wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, and subscribe by sending a message to wordperfectmac-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (it doesn’t need to have a subject line or text). Unfortunately I don’t see a way to specify, when subscribing, whether you want individual emails or the daily digest, a shame since the digest is unobtrusive and convenient. 

      John R. 

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