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8041WPLO Converter updated for Mavericks

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  • em315
    Oct 25, 2013
      The WPLO Converter is a homemade application that uses LibreOffice to convert WP files into other formats such as Microsoft Word or PDF. I've now updated it so that it works correctly under Mavericks (I hope). The new version is at the same address as the old one:


      One warning: The first time you run the WPLO Converter on a new system, and try to convert a WP file, the app will probably report that it failed and will display an incomprehensible error message. The second time you run it, however, it should work correctly, and the initial problem should not occur again.

      I suspect that the embedded LibreOffice part of the application is doing some housekeeping in the background, and isn't ready to start working the first time it runs. The second time, however, the housekeeping is complete and it's ready to work correctly.
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