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8026Message subject lines and our new format

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  • jrethorst
    Oct 10, 2013
      With the Yahoo group changes, if you have Conversations set to Topics, _all_ the posts with a given title are grouped together, with the oldest first. There's a great example near the top of the message list right now.

      I got an email from someone with difficulty posting, so I posted it without changing her subject line, "Mac WordPerfect Question". Yahoo showed the topic -- all 35 posts with that subject -- starting with the first one, from 2005. There's then a link to "34 more message [sic]", and then the last message, from today.

      That's pretty confusing, but there's a simple fix: under the "Conversations" heading, choose "Messages" instead of "Topics". You'll then see each message separately, with newer posts first.

      When you post, please give as specific a subject as possible, instead of e.g. "Mac WordPerfect Question". Now I know better too.

      John R.
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