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8004[ANN] QuickFind 3.1.1

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  • jcrethorst
    Sep 14, 2013
      Offers string, boolean and regular expression search for files and folders on local volumes, and text and regular expression search within contents of files. Powerful filtering, designated search areas and a superb PPC search engine make this the fastest search utility for general use for OS 7.5 - 9 and SheepShaver.

      I wrote this because of several limitations in Apple's Sherlock utility for OS 9. Compared to that, QuickFind has:

      • Boolean as well as string search: much more flexible and powerful
      • Regular expression search: most powerful paradigm of all
      • All search filters immediately accessible
      • All search filters work together
      • Six always-available definable search areas: one to a button, plus temporary
      • Found items all show path or container, rather than a slow click and-scroll for
      each item to determine location
      • Multiple levels of search
      • Customizable default actions
      • No overhead of indexing to search for text in files

      New in this version: minor fixes for compatibility with the SheepShaver environment. If you have SheepShaver-WP_1.5, you already have this. Otherwise, this upgrade is recommended for all users. Free in the Files section here.

      John R.