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7999Experimental WPMacApp version with faster printing, etc.

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  • em315
    Sep 10, 2013
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      I've put together an updated version of the WPMacApp that (on the OS X side) uses something called a launch daemon instead of a folder action script to perform tasks like printing, creating a PDF file, looking up words, etc. The launch daemon method is much faster than the folder action scripts method, so printing and similar features should have fewer and smaller delays than before.

      It still isn't perfect, because I don't really know how to write scripts efficiently, but it seems to work in my very limited testing.

      If anyone is interested, the new version is here:


      I haven't replaced the existing version, but instead have posted this alternate version, because I'm not certain that this new one has all its problems sorted out. But at least it seems to work, and if you're bothered by slow printing in the standard WPMacApp, this might be worth trying. I'd be grateful for any reports of problems (or success).
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