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7982Re: [wpmac] WordPerfect documents are garbled

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  • sardisson
    Aug 22 10:55 AM
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "em315" <em315@...> wrote:
      > When I run the base64 utility on it, the result is all lower-ASCII characters, nothing above ASCII 128 so the result is almost certainly not a WP document (or any other word-processor document) created any time after, say, 1983.
      > Any WP document created by WPDOS/Unix 5.0 or later, or WPMac 2.0 or later, has a characteristic signature at the start of the file: FF 57 50 43.

      I assume it's the same string for encrypted (password-protected) documents (I should have been paying more attention when Fridrich was implementing support for password-protected documents in libwpd)?

      The very first line of the document does look like a header of some sort, and in particular I would bet that the first four characters "CSnR" are a signature for whatever compression or encryption method was used on this document. Unfortunately, I've had no luck finding places where people talk about what compression methods' signatures are, nor does "CSnR" ring a bell to me for a name of any classic Mac OS compression program (although my knowledge of all things classic Mac OS has been declining daily for the last decade!).

      One more thing: I wonder if the file's resource fork might contain a clue, if the resource fork were present. If the file had been zipped (or compressed with a common Mac OS-era compressor, like StuffIt) before emailing it to John R, we'd likely have both resource fork and type/creator info present, and as possible clues. (Given the filename, this likely was a Mac file at one time: spaces and no extension.)

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