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7917Re: [ANN:] WPMacApp revised again

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  • John R
    Aug 2, 2013
      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "em315" <em315@...> wrote:

      > I would be very happy if you took over as much of it as you might find useful.

      I'd have a good deal of advanced technology to learn first ;-)

      > I'll try the Translator again - where exactly (in the SS file system and the
      > OS X file system) does it write its output files? It's possible that it finds
      > the right folder on your system because you have both systems installed,
      > but not on mine where I've been experimenting with having only one
      > system going at a time.

      You're right. Translator writes a URL to a text file named "LookupTerm.url" and puts that in a folder named "SS > OSX" in a folder named "SheepShaver Data" on the Unix disk. An OSX folder action script watches "SS > OSX". Those folders on the Unix disk were there when I tested, since my system was also installed. I also use these folders for printing and PDF creation, and for dictionary and thesaurus lookup.

      > Will rename the WP UltraClip folder in preparation for your new version.

      As a suggestion, Gabriel Fuentes of this group created a set of absolutely beautiful folders with badges for the various folders in the WP folder: Conversions, Language, Help etc. They're in the Files section here as WP Folders.sit. Nice of Gabriel to do that. Part of what I like about this group is how many people contribute.

      John R.
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