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7864[ANN] WordPerfect Translator

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  • John R
    Jul 3, 2013
      With increasing international travel and commerce, it's useful to have a fast tool to select text in a WordPerfect document, in any of the 72 languages Google supports, and translate it into any other of those 72 languages. WordPerfect Translator saves a few steps and a little time.

      Google's translation services have radically improved recently. Instead of a simple machine translation, Google has built a library of phrases to work from, with the result that translated text is much more accurate and fluent.

      Just select text in a WP document and run WP Translator. A web page opens in your default browser showing the original text and its translation.

      Two scripts are included, one for SheepShaver systems and the other for Classic and Legacy machines.

      Free, in the Files section here, as "Translator.sit".

      John R.