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7863Re: QuickLook and Spotlight Plugins by Gero Herrmann

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  • John R
    Jun 20, 2013
      It's a privilege to join you in expressing a _lot_ of appreciation to Gero for his plugins. For one thing, integration with OSX is critical for WordPerfect's continued viability and, with his plugins, we can keep WP files on an OSX disk, find them with a search, and open them in SheepShaver directly from Spotlight. Thank you, Gero.

      But are most WP Mac documents these days necessarily quite old? I would guess that among our almost 7500 members are many who use WP as their primary word processor. It's certainly as reliable as anything out there, more stable for long documents, and with a depth of a feature set that's unmatched. For example, per my tests, Gero's document compare is much more accurate than MS Word's, and our regular expression search likewise. I think we have something going.

      John R.

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "Vincent" <vjb@...> wrote:
      > All I want to do is to express my thanks once again to Gero Herrmann and the rest of the team for the fantastic WordPerfect Spotlight and QuickLook plugins Gero has written.
      > They are an invaluable help for a company with tens of thousands of WPmac documents in their archives.
      > I think this post can also serve as a reminder to newcomers in the group that these excellent plugins exist. Obviously, most WPmac documents nowadays are quite old and in most cases we only want to do research in our archives, no editing. QuickLook allows us to easily scroll and read through lists of WP files without actually opening or converting them. Only if we need to print or edit a WP document do we open it with WordPerfect in Classic or SheepShaver or with LibreOffice or Nisus in OS X.
      > Thank you once again Gero for this excellent Work!
      > Vincent
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