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7848Re: [wpmac] Re: BasiliskII-based WPMac system

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  • Geoff Gilbert
    Jun 1, 2013
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      PrintToPdf worked when adobe and laserwriter 8 were causing a version of
      SheepShaver to crash with the then version of OSX. The current
      SheepShaver print routine works fine, so printtopdf is there as a back
      up. It's also useful if, like me, you need a pdf so that you know all
      the footnote cross references for wen the WP file is saved as Word
      because that is what the publisher insists on - much easier to work with
      the pdf and the Word file to make sure Word has all the right footnote
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      > John R <mailto:johnrethorst@...>
      > 1 June 2013 23:17
      > My package includes SmoothType, a nice control panel that smooths
      > better than Apple's Appearance.
      > I looked at PrintToPDF some time ago, and concluded that the
      > restricted number of fonts it supports was a substantial limitation --
      > of course, not if it supports fonts you use. But is it much faster
      > than the Laserwriter 8 driver plus opening in Preview?
      > It's also interesting that PrintToPDF doesn't embed fonts. I don't
      > understand that part of things -- Laserwriter 8 gives you the option
      > of embedding fonts. When I re-released my Scripting Guide in PDF
      > format, I embedded fonts, thinking formatting would then be accurate
      > and not dependent on the user's fonts. But I was told the Guide opened
      > up as gibberish on some machines. Ed suggested not embedding fonts, so
      > I replaced it with a PDF file without embedded fonts and have had no
      > complaints. I would have thought things would go exactly the other way.
      > Are there other advantages to PrintToPDF relative to Laserwriter 8?
      > John R.
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      > Geoff Gilbert <mailto:geoff@...>
      > 27 May 2013 15:29
      > John
      > Not certain if these are now included in the start up pack, but I know
      > I used them before you incorporated (if you already have) -
      > SmoothType, Dialog View and PrintToPdf. The latter two are Jim
      > Walker's and I think are free. DialogView is the most useful.
      > Apologies if these are standard already - and 12 seconds is very
      > impressive in the days of OSX Bloat
      > Geoff

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