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7827Re: Outlining in new SheepShaver-WP Release

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  • Thomas J. Rostafinski, Ph.D.
    May 8, 2013
      John, I alternate between two keyboard layouts that are nearly identical
      except that the "Outlining Keyboard" allows me to use a keystroke to
      toggle the outlining mode that does not require the control key, my
      default keyboard does not have this installed.

      With outlining mode off, Return and Tab (and Shift-Tab) work the usual
      way, _almost_ like with the default keyboard, _except_ that because the
      Tab key is reconfigured to invoke a macro, it does not work in dialog
      boxes. I do have another keystroke to simulate the Tab in dialog boxes,
      but for simplicity I use the default keyboard when not outlining.

      BTW, I just remembered (and verified) that whereas, in SS on Tiger at
      least, Control-Tab and Control-Shift-Tab don't work for outlining, but
      Control-Return does -- so for simple paragraph numbering I can use this
      without going into outlining mode. I will be interested to see your
      macro for that.

      >>> When this mode is on (for those on the list who have not
      >>> encountered this yet), you press return to create a new topic in
      >>> the outline, tab to "demote" the current topic and its subtopics
      >>> by one level to the right, and shift-tab to "promote" same by one
      >>> level to the left. I've also created keystrokes for some other
      >>> outlining commands (Move Outline Topic, for example). I highly
      >>> recommend this option to enhance John's excellent outliner
      >>> further.

      > Tom, that's really the way to do it if you use outlining enough. Does
      > your keyboard layout have a second set of alternative keystrokes, for
      > the regular return/tab/back tab functions?
      >>>>> (Interestingly, on an old MBP running Tiger, I find the old
      >>>>> 21-07-2008 versions of SS to be the most stable for WP and
      >>>>> other apps.)

      My MBP is indeed Intel and could run later OS versions, but Tiger has
      generally treated me well. The 2008 SS builds (21-07-2008), in both the
      software-cursor and the hardware-cursor versions, are the only ones that
      have rarely if ever quit on me or frozen WP. The latest build
      (2012-07-15) works well but still sometimes freezes. I expect different
      results with the new machine, running Snow Leopard and Lion, that I am
      slowly deploying; will be trying out your and Ed's installers.

      > Is this an Intel machine? Do you run Sheepshaver on another machine?
      > This is very interesting, since I've never used a 2008 release of SS;
      > I included the Oct. 2009 release since I feel most comfortable with
      > it overall, although there have been several later versions.
      Thanks to both of you for your great work on this. Tom
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