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7814Re: A warning about multiple copies of SheepShaver

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  • sardisson
    May 1, 2013
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      I kept meaning to reply to this, but kept never thinking about it when I had time and was near the computer :P

      --- In wordperfectmac@yahoogroups.com, "ted_m_p_lee" <tmplee@...> wrote:
      > For those (probably very few) for whom it matters, having more than one copy of SheepShaver (e.g., different builds) on the same system is confusing to OS X. John's startup script (which we've talked about before) has the line <tell application "SheepShaver" to activate>. If you have more than one copy of SheepShaver, even if in different home directories, it is problematical which one will get activated. Even changing the name didn't completely fix the problem (I suppose because the name "SheepShaver" is in a property list.)

      That's strange, because typically renaming works. Except maybe the script has already stored the alias to the (un)desired copy since you've run the script once.

      > I suppose there is a way to write the Applescript so it always finds the "right" version (i.e., the one in <home>/Applications/SheepShaver folder)

      Yep. Instead of

      tell application "SheepShaver" to activate

      one writes

      tell application "/full/UNIX/path to/desired/SheepShaver.app" to activate

      So, for your example above, the path is "/Users/tedsusername/Applications/SheepShaver folder/SheepShaver.app"

      This is not standard practice (and is frowned upon) for a reason when writing AppleScripts, but for individual use and in certain situations, like this one, it's a valid solution. So you can edit your copy in that manner, should you desire.

      Hope this helps!

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