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7804Another (not easy, probably) suggestion for the startup script.

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  • ted_m_p_lee
    Apr 24 8:05 PM
      John -- in case you have run out of ideas to work on, how about adding something to the startup script that checks to make sure none of the volumes SS will use are already mounted (in OS X). Some comment in the emaculation forum says they are or have added that to the latest build, but I'd think it would be pretty straightforward to add some lines to your script that a) opened the SS prefs file to find all the volumes it is supposed to mount, b) check that none of them are mounted and c) if at least one is, ask if the script should unmount them and do so if the answer is yes, before starting SS. (I suppose you could have a three-way choice if any are mounted: Unmount, Proceed without unmounting, Quit)

      It's so dangerous to have them open both in OS X and SS that the option to proceed without unmounting is perhaps a bad idea.

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